10 Kitchen Gadgets for the Domestic Goddess This Mother’s Day 2020

It might be hard to celebrate Mother’s Day with a nice meal out or with a spot of afternoon high tea like most years. But if there’s something that we can thank our mothers for, it’s the hearty home-cooked meals that we’ve been enjoying since we’re all stuck at home during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.

Why not whip up a simple meal for mum to give her some time off in the kitchen? And in the meantime, gift her with a thoughtful and handy kitchen gadget that can shave minutes off her prep time, as well keep the kitchen organised. We have 10 useful kitchen gadgets for Mother’s Day, so you can surprise the domestic goddess in your life!

1. 1000ml Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag

1000ml Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag Online

I’ve actually come across various renditions of these silicone food storage bags, but their price tags always deter me from purchasing them. These 1000ml Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags (S$8.90 each) work by having a long locking clip at the top to seal in your food, and minimises usage of plastic zip-lock bags.

They measure 19 inches by 18 inches, and are made of food-grade silicone that’s 100% FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone and PE. They can even be used for sous vide cooking, are microwave-friendly, able to withstand up to 260°C and can be stored in the freezer as well.

1000ml Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag Online2

What made this particular listing stand out were the comments stating that the product didn’t have a ‘plastic odour’ unlike other similar products, which is always a great point to highlight especially if you’re planning to store food in it.

With all the home deliveries we’re ordering, I’m sure there are plenty of leftovers, so this would be a great time to cut down on plastic and switch to these reusable silicone bags!

1000ml Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags: Available on Shopee

2. 300ML Portable Blender Mini Electric Personal Juicer Cup

300ml Portable Blender Mini Electric Personal Juicer Cup Online

Have you ever wanted to purchase a juice blender but find that many products out there are too bulky and non-portable? Well, the 300ML Portable Blender Mini Electric Personal Juicer Cup (S$15.23) is a portable mini electric blender so you can juice literally anywhere!

If the kitchen gets too crowded, your Mum can take this 90mm by 188mm gadget with her to the dining or living room, along with a plate of fruits, quickly create a fruit blend and drink it straight away from the cup. Its massive 2400mAh battery holds up to 35 rounds of blending so she doesn’t have to worry about constantly charging it.

300ml Portable Blender Mini Electric Personal Juicer Cup Online2

Best of all, cleaning is efficient as you simply fill the device with soap and water, switch on the blender for a few seconds, and it will clean itself. It even has an attached strap so, this gadget will come very handy when everyone’s back at the office and mum wants to continue blending fruit juices right at her desk. Talk about convenience!

Available in pastel shades, this will make for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for the Mum who can’t get enough of fruit juice.

300ML Portable Blender Mini Electric Personal Juicer Cup: Available on Shopee

3. 3-Speed USB Electric Milk Frother, Foam Maker, Whisk Mixer

3 Speed Usb Electric Milk Frother, Foam Maker, Whisk Mixer Online

A multi-purpose gadget is always nifty to keep in the kitchen, and when it’s hand-held with USB charging, it’s even more of a must-buy. The 3-Speed USB Electric Milk Frother, Foam Maker, Whisk Mixer (S$10.89) is a rechargeable device that holds three functions, and is portable so you can whisk and froth anywhere you have space to do so.

It features a stainless steel whisk and has three adjustable speeds—6000rpm, 9000rpm, and 13000rpm. With this, you can create frothy foams, whisk eggs, and create batters, all without worrying about tangling or tripping over wires or having to recharge constantly, especially with its lithium 1200mAh battery.

3 Speed Usb Electric Milk Frother, Foam Maker, Whisk Mixer Online2

At such a wallet-friendly price, I’m sure you’ll be tempted to buy this for your mother on Mother’s Day, just so you can steal this to create home-baked goodies and creamy lattes!

3-Speed USB Electric Milk Frother, Foam Maker, Whisk Mixer: Available on Shopee

4. Seal & Pour Bag Clip

Seal + Pour Bag Clip Online2

Bag clips aren’t that new, but it’s certainly the first time I’ve seen a clip fastener that features a mouth opening that allows you to funnel the bag’s ingredients out. The Seal & Pour Bag Clip (S$2 – S$2.10) does just that, with a sealing clip with a ‘discharge nozzle’ at the end of it.

According to reviews, it does the trick of sealing and allowing conveniently allowing you to pour the remaining content with ease and no mess. It measures 5.2 inches by 2.4 inches (13cm by 6cm) and comes in three colours: red, green, and white.

Seal + Pour Bag Clip Online

Now you can open your snacks and not worry about them getting stale or spilling, the next time you pour them out!

Seal & Pour Bag Clip: Available on Shopee

5. Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Bamboo Chopping Board (Large)

Joseph Joseph Chop2pot Bamboo Chopping Board (large) Online

A chopping board is one of the kitchen tools that definitely has not changed much over the years, but there are some who have tried to make the fuss of chopping and dicing a tad easier.

The Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Bamboo Chopping Board (Large) (S$59) eases the transfer of ingredients on the board by allowing it to fold in half, without having to compromise on the sturdy material of bamboo.

Joseph Joseph Chop2pot Bamboo Chopping Board (large) Online2

Bamboo is known to be less porous and denser, so you can chop just about anything on this useful water-resistant and scratch-resistant board. No more having to precariously carry your cut veggies over to your pot, risking spillage, and it also cuts down on using one too many containers, thus cutting down dishwashing time!

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Bamboo Chopping Board (Large): Available on Shopee

6. Raclette & Fondue Maker Pizza Plate

Raclette & Fondue Maker Pizza Plate Online

This device is honestly for the whole family, but that also gives Mum a break from standing and sweating over the stove, as this Raclette & Fondue Maker Pizza Plate (S$29.12) is many machines in one! On the top is a grill plate that can be used to cook meat or even melt cheese, so you can coat your grilled meats in oozy raclette or nacho cheese, while below the grill is a pizza plate that’s ideal for making mini pizzas.

The pizza plate can accommodate a pizza up to 20cm in diameter—the ideal size of a personal pizza—and are both non-stick, making cooking at the dinner table a breeze. Mealtimes as a family will be even more fun with this device, so why not get one to treat the whole family to a meal, where everyone can chip in and have fun?

Raclette & Fondue Maker Pizza Plate: Available on Rakuten

7. Rice Cooker Slide Table

Rice Cooker Slide Table Online

Sometimes there simply isn’t sufficient counter space in the kitchen to cut, cook, and plate, let alone to store appliances. This Rice Cooker Slide Table (S$52.68) might just be the solution your Mum needs, for when she finally wants to plate the dishes.

It’s a 40cm by 30cm steel platform that also hides a pull-out table, which can extend out to hold small bowls and plates. It adds about 25cm of work table space, so you can have ample room to scoop rice out when it’s done cooking. The price might seem slightly steep for something that’s literally a pull-out table, but for the convenience of serving during mealtime, it can certainly come in super handy.

How’s that for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift?

Rice Cooker Slide Table: Available on Rakuten

8. Meijuner Fast Defrosting Tray

Meijuner Fast Thawing Tray Online

The Meijuner Fast Defrosting Tray (S$18.90 – S$22.90) allows you to thaw frozen meats and vegetables in minutes, depending on its thickness, of course. It comes in three dimensions, from 23cm – 35cm in length. No more hours spent thawing the frozen produce before cooking to thaw, as this tray is made of aluminium and claims to be a special alloy with thermal conductivity that’s 20,000 times that of ordinary metals, achieving high-speed heat exchange.

This, in turn, allows frozen food to thaw naturally but also incredibly quickly. When compared to defrosting in ceramic wares, this tray works up to 5.6 times faster.

Meijuner Fast Thawing Tray Online2

Some examples they provided are thawing meat, chicken, lamb chops, and pork within 30 – 60 minutes, and smaller food products like sausages and prawns in much shorter a time frame. The board uses zero electricity (you don’t even have to pre-heat it!), is easy to clean, and durable.

So, next time your mum asks you to take out the meat that’s meant for dinner out of the freezer, and you happen to forget, simply whip out the Meijuner Fast Defrosting Tray, and you might just save yourself a reprimanding!

Meijuner Fast Defrosting Tray: Available on Lazada

9. YOHOLOO Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner Online

I must admit, when I laid eyes on the YOHOLOO Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner (S$4.18), I was very tempted to click on ‘Add to Cart’. Its adorably angry face would make for a fun way to clean up the microwave, one of the kitchen appliances that typically gets neglected. Standing at a petite 11cm by 13.8cm, it’s a practical gift that will surely speed up cleaning the kitchen.

This nifty gadget is simple to use; just fill the hair and headpieces from Angry Mama’s body, add vinegar and water till it reaches the line as indicated in the container, and add a squeeze of lemon juice for a pleasant fragrance. Then replace her hair and headpieces and microwave for about two to three minutes, to allow the steam to blanket the entire microwave’s interior.

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner Online2

After that, it’s simply a matter of wiping down the entire microwave to get rid of the oil stains and stubborn debris! It’s so easy and fun that you may even want to volunteer to help your mum out with this chore.

The best part is that Angry Mama comes in various colours—green, blue, purple, yellow—so you can pick one that matches your kitchen for a Mother’s Day gift.

YOHOLOO Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner: Available on Lazada

10. JOYOUNG Electric Meat Grinder, 1.8L Food Mixer, Portable Blender or Chopper

Joyoung Electric Meat Grinder Online

If your mum is constantly frustrated with having to keep too many devices in the kitchen just to grind, chop, and blitz, the JOYOUNG Electric Meat Grinder, 1.8L Food Mixer, Portable Blender or Chopper (S$79) might just solve her concerns. Not only does it process food and grinds meat, but it also blends, juices and features a double-layered four-knife, stainless steel, all-round chopper, as well as dual-speed function.

That’s sure to save space in the kitchen, and I’m sure she’ll be duly impressed by all its functions! With its ample 1.8L capacity and single-button operation, the meat grinder can grind enough meat to fill more than enough dumplings for the whole family.

Joyoung Electric Meat Grinder Online2

It can also grind coffee beans, spices, and grains in mere seconds. The machine is easy to disassemble for cleaning and weighs only about 3kg, so it can be carried across the kitchen effortlessly. Hurry, and make life in the kitchen for Mum a lil’ easier this Mother’s Day!

JOYOUNG Electric Meat Grinder, 1.8L Food Mixer, Portable Blender or Chopper: Available on Lazada

This Mother’s Day, thank Mum for being such domestic goddess around the home and in the kitchen, especially when everyone’s stuck at home nearly 24/7. We hope these gifts cheer her up and inspire you to whip up some family recipes with her as well!