Mr Holmes Bakehouse introduces new halloween flavours: A take from the movie Mean Girls

The Mean Girls are back. And Mr Holmes Bakehouse is having a party! In October 2022, the bakehouse has dedicated the 2004 cult classic Mean Girls in their curated lineup of 3 new flavours. A reinvented take on the plastics.

Rumour has it… these items are seasonal.

Grab your popcorn— wait, I mean Caramel Corn Cruffin (S$7.50) and let the drama begin.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse - Caramel Corn Cruffin

There’s no need for introduction to Mr Holmes Bakehouse ‘Cruffins’, the bakery catapulted into popularity because of these babies. Newly invented, the Caramel Corn Cruffin: popping with a generous amount of popcorn-infused pastry cream, the delectable pastry is topped off with their house-made caramel popcorn. A slightly salty crunch from the caramel corn pairs well with the oozing flow of cream.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse - Pumpkin Spice donut
Credit – Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Next on the list is the Pumpkin Spice Donut (S$5.80). How else can a halloween party start without the introduction of its favourite halloween flavours? A bite into this mini pumpkin leads with sweet flavours of the white chocolate pumpkin stem as its garnish. Followed by an overflowing splash of pumpkin-spice cream, the brioche donut is neutralised by the cream’s cinnamon flavours and sugar coating on its exterior.

For the uninitiated, on Wednesdays, we wear pink. Or maybe we could eat pink donuts too. Mr Holmes Bakehouse’s Pink Donut (S$4)— is only exclusively available on Wednesdays— which is totally fetch. It’s brioche dough is fried and coated in glossy pink white chocolate. Not too much, just like how the girls would like it.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse - Pink Box
Credit – Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Also available in the Pink Box (S$31.50), another companion is the Strawberry Cheesecake Cruffin (S$6.50). You can expect 3 Pink Donuts accompanied by 3 Strawberry Cheesecake Cruffins. Sadly, these exclusive flavours will only last through the month of October.

Missing the OG plastics? Not to worry, the bakery re-dressed the crowd’s favourites in a whole new deck of sweet decoratives. In the Spooky Box of 6 (S$35), the Thai Milk Tea Cruffin (S$6.50) and Chocolate Donut (S$5.80) remains! This time, with added halloween-decorated ghost meringues and activated charcoal cobwebs just for the extra boo!

Mr Holmes Bakehouse - Spooky Box of 6
Credit – Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Accompanied by the Caramel Corn Cruffin, Pumpkin Spice Donut, Strawberry Cheesecake Cruffin, and Key Lime Donut (S$5.80), this box preps you for a spooky halloween. Certainly scary, these boxes will cause an impactful and lasting fear-factor till Mid-November.

A special shoutout to Mr Holmes Bakehouse for their loyalty and adherence to Mean Girls and Regina George, for their boxes come in a bombastic shade of hot pink.

So fetch. This is officially your invite to the plastics, by eating a Pink Donut!

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