My Melody Cafe: Pink Eggs Benedict & Adorable Bunny-Themed Dishes At Suntec City

Sanrio fans, y’all are in for a real treat! My Melody Cafe is the latest addition to Singapore’s themed cafe scene, and we hopped over to the bunny’s humble abode to check it out for ourselves.

My Melody Cafe 1

Nestled just beside its eggy counterpart, Gudetama Cafe, it’s hard to miss the stark pop of pink oozing from My Melody Cafe.

My Melody Cafe 2

It’s even complete with a flower arch to emulate stepping into the flowery world of My Melody.

My Melody Cafe 19

Sunlight filters through their ceiling-to-floor glass windows, so you get ample sunlight for all your pretty Instagram shots too.

My Melody Cafe 20

With their dishes styled by Shirley, or more popularly known as @littlemissbento on Instagram, the cafe has invested careful thought to ensure that their dishes justly represent the bunny’s charm.

My Melody Cafe 4

Orders are done entirely through the e-menus here at the cafe, so it’s a super chill and at-your-own-pace dining experience.

My Melody Cafe 8

We began the meal with the Little Pink Riding Hood ($23.90) which was essentially a glorified, cuter version of your usual Eggs Benedict.

My Melody Cafe 7

Poached egg and smoked salmon capped with pink hollandaise sauce, I can see why the dish is so-called.

My Melody Cafe 11

Check out that oozing, bright yellow goodness.

It was overall a very average dish that pleased me amply, but the only elements that I didn’t understand were the spray of strawberries on the plate, which seemed rather mismatched compared to the rest of the savoury fare.

My Melody Cafe 5

This mixed berries tea and candy floss combination got us feeling like we were On Cloud Nine ($8.90). There are two ways to enjoy everything inside (or outside, for that matter) the cup: either take small bites of the candy floss while sipping on the tea, or mix everything together.

It’s great that the tea was very lightly sweetened, so it allowed the candy floss to act as much-welcomed saccharinity.

My Melody Cafe 21

I took advantage of the photo wall to get this shot of the Enchanted Woods ($12.90), a chocolatey, over-the-top milkshake.

Disappointingly, it reeked of an artificial chocolate flavouring and the donut was pretty much a jaw-breaker. I had high hopes for this, but was sadly let down.

My Melody Cafe 6

It also came topped with a My Melody-stamped macaron which did more good in the aesthetics department rather than taste, in my opinion.

My Melody Cafe 12

We had the signature Princess Bunny ($18.90), a kawaii take on the usual Japanese curry rice. My main gripe with the dish was that the pink-tinted, beetroot-infused rice was way too sweet to go well with the rest of the dish.

The curry, too, lacked significantly in spiciness, but I guess its catered for their target audience.

My Melody Cafe 13

The curry-to-rice ratio was way off as well, and by the end of the dish, I was desperately scraping the sides for the curry sauce to go with my leftover rice.

My Melody Cafe 9

The Hola Taco ($25) came as a breath of fresh air from all the bread and rice earlier on. Again, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the seemingly out-of-place salsa and fruit salad.

My Melody Cafe 10

The stringy cheese was accompanied with sweet bulgogi beef, I’d say that the tacos were actually pretty good, but I just wish there were more. For the price tag, I think we deserve at least one more taco to complete the meal.

My Melody Cafe 14

The first of our sweet treats was the Play Time Fondue ($18.90), which was teeming with pink. At first, we pretty intimidated by its colours, but soon found that the milk chocolate and strawberry infused fondue wasn’t as sugary as we had imagined.

My Melody Cafe 15

It’s pink even down to the little details, like these tiny sugar hearts.

My Melody Cafe 16

In fact, the strawberry flavour really came through and I was enjoying it up until the point when the strawberry rolls and marshmallows came into play. I didn’t understand how the cake fit into the whole ensemble, being significantly heavier and drier than everything else.

Plus, we didn’t have a candle below the chocolate to keep it warm, so it coagulated really quickly. Needless to say, I stopped eating shortly after.

My Melody Cafe 17

We heard that the Treasures of Maryland ($19.50) sells out pretty fast, but we were lucky enough to snag the last serving. This is the cafe’s take on the traditional Shibuya toast, but I’m not so sure if it did a good job at it.

My Melody Cafe 18

Bright pink buttercream and vanilla soft serve was a little bit of an overkill, not to mention the maple syrup, strawberry jam and chocolate sauce altogether?

I don’t know about you, but my tastebuds sure have had enough sugar for the week.

Their dishes are truly a sight for sore eyes (kudos to Littlemissbento for that), but I really wished they hadn’t stopped at perfecting just the aesthetics of it. Nonetheless, if you swear by the little pink bunny, it’s a good experience to come down personally and bask in the vibes of the place.

Also, we heard that they will only be staying until the end of the year, so it’s best to check it out while you can.

Expected Damage: $18.90 – $38.80 per pax

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My Melody Cafe: 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-361, 038983 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Facebook | Instagram



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