Myowa Cafe Taiwan: Sizzling Hot Plate Matcha Cake Bound To Get The Green Light

Myowa Cafe-1

Myowa Cafe is a dessert place in Taiwan that specializes in matcha desserts and drinks, but there’s one dish that would be amazing for your Instagram feed. Introducing, the Hot Plate Matcha Cake (TW$230). 

Matcha toast and ice cream is served on a plate that is heated, with a small pitcher of matcha sauce provided on the side. When the sauce is poured over, it boils and smokes once it’s in contact with the plate, creating a smoky, contrasting flavour to the sweet matcha.

Myowa Cafe-2

Myowa Cafe also has other interesting matcha desserts like a matcha cheese fondue and matcha frozen s’mores. If you’re headed to Taiwan anytime soon, do remember to check this place out, especially if you’re a matcha lover!

Myowa Cafe: 221 Jinhua Street, Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan | Tel: +886 2 2351 8802 | Facebook