Nanatang is back with more adorable Christmas-exclusive Fatfatcarons this festive season

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After taking our island by storm with their Fatfatcarons, Singapore’s original creator of these chunky macarons, Nanatang, is back this festive season with a brand new range of flavours. Introducing, Nanatang’s Christmas-exclusive Fatfatcarons

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Inspired by the festive flavours of Christmas, Nanatang curated four exclusive flavours available just for the period of November to December 2020. Together with their signature Fatfatcarons which we have previously introduced, these Christmas-exclusive Fatfatcarons (S$30 for four, S$42 for six, S$52 for eight) make for a picture-perfect present for your loved ones during this season of giving. 

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Be transported to chocolate heaven with Snowy Black Forest, a Fatfatcaron filled with the mysterious flavours of a classic black forest cake. Although alcohol-free, this macaron will still wow you with its rich, chocolatey taste with the addition of a Valrhona Manjari 64% dark chocolate ganache. 

Finished with a cherry and chocolate shavings, the Snowy Black Forest Fatfatcaron is a treat prepared with simple yet delectable ingredients that many will surely appreciate. 

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Additionally, there is Santa’s Bell, a tower of vanilla cake and 55% dark chocolate ganache sandwiched between two spicy red macaron rusks beautifully enhanced with gold strokes. One bite into the Fatfatcaron and you will be able to taste the slightly acidic cranberry jelly that complements the chocolate ganache. 

The balance of sweet and sour flavours in this Fatfatcaron is one that both the young and old will surely enjoy. 

Nanatang Christmas Exclusive Fatfatcaron 7

As a lover of the Westernstyle carrot cake, Nanatang’s Gingerbread Man Carrot Cake was my instant favourite amongst all four Christmas-exclusive Fatfatcarons. Despite that small bite (it was in fact probably two to three mouthfuls), the flavours of the spiced carrot cake still came through. In between bites were bits of walnuts and chunks of juicy pineapples, adding bursts of sweetness and nuttiness to this hearty Fatfatcaron

Not forgetting our little friend, the cute mini gingerbread man. He might be a little obstructive, preventing you from biting into your Fatfatcaron. My advice is to finish him off first before digging into the real deal!

Nanatang Christmas Exclusive Fatfatcaron 6

Finally, we have the little brother to the current Ham & Cheese Fatfatcaron—Nanatang’s only savoury Fatfatcaron. Christmas Turkey is the team’s second attempt at a savoury treat. To be honest, this was the only Fatfatcaron I hesitantly put into my mouth for the simple reason that it was just too cute to be devoured. Just look at that turkey-shaped macaron rusk!

Sadly, food is not meant to be merely looked at, so I lovingly cut it up (like I would a real turkey) and savoured it bit by bit. Some might find it a little weird, but I surprisingly enjoyed the combination of cold turkey, cranberry rosemary jam and the sweet macaron rusk. My only complaint was that one Christmas Turkey Fatfatcaron is just not enough to satisfy. 

Nanatang Christmas Exclusive Fatfatcaron 1

If you are looking for more Christmas related treats, Nanatang is having a Christmas bake sale online from 20 November 2020 to 18 December 2020. Christmas-exclusive Fatfatcarons aside, expect to find interesting sweets such as the Christmas Cakepopsicle, Christmas Cube Desserts and Christmas Floral Cupcakes. 

These desserts are exclusively available from Nanatang and cannot be bought elsewhere. With the festive season just around the corner, I’m sure the bakery will only get busier from here onwards. So, do place your orders early to avoid any disappointment!

Date & Time: Christmas bake sale from 20 November 2020 to 18 December 2020

Price: Nanatang’s Christmas-exclusive Fatfatcarons are available at S$30 for four, S$42 for six and S$52 for eight

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


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Our Rating 4/5


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