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The dalgona coffee trend hit all of us hard during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, keeping us busy as we spend our time at home whipping on coffee and sugar. Now, slowly creeping up on our social media feeds (once again from Korea) are the ttung-carons (뚱카롱)—giant versions of its dainty-looking French cousins, which literarily translates to ‘fat-carons’ for its sheer size and over-the-top appearance. 

Leading the charge is Nanatang, bringing these colourful creations to dessert lovers in Singapore. They are a local patisserie which started selling these adorable fatcarons and their plus-sized versions, the fatfatcarons, after catching wind of the trend in Korea.

If you think that macarons are unable to evolve beyond their single layer sandwich form, you are wrong, my friend. Similar to a classic French macaron but filled with double the buttercream filling, Nanatang’s Fatcarons (S$12 for four, S$23 for eight, S$28 for 10) are single-flavoured macarons with 10 distinct flavours for you to choose from. 

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And what lies beyond a fatcaron is a macron that is on a league of its own—the Fatfatcarons (S$30 for four, S$42 for six, S$52 for eight). Double in size of a fatcaron, the fatfatcarons are not only filled with buttercream, but they also contain elements such as mochi, sponge cake and brownie sandwiched within its colourful shells.

With a mixture of local flavours like Milo Dinosaur and Orh Nee as well as the crowd favourites such as Classic Choco Rocher and Matcha Strawberry Duo, these macarons make for the perfect afternoon perk-me-up or sweet treats for your loved ones.

Not sure what to order because they all look too cute to be eaten? Worry not, you can always decide after checking out my recommendations!

Nanatang Fatfatcaron 10

Being Teochew in descent, orh nee (yam paste) has always been my all-time favourite dessert. Naturally, the Orh Nee Fatfatcaron won over my heart.

The yam paste exuded a subtle fragrance similar to the traditional dessert itself. What made this more special was the coconut jelly and the coconut drizzle that was given on the side. Both these elements added a distinct textural difference which I enjoyed very much.

Nanatang Fatfatcaron 6

Since its the durian season, we can’t miss out on the king of fruits, can we? Paying tribute to this well-loved fruit is Durian Mochi Fatfatcaron. Handmade from scratch, the mochi was soft and chewy, bursting in my mouth as it revealed the buttery durian puree encased inside.

Even if you are not a fan of durian, this Durian Mochi Fatfatcaron might make you a convert!

Nanatang Fatfatcaron 7

If you are a fan of floral and sweet flavours, the Lychee Rose Fatfatcaron is one you should not miss. Working with floral flavours is never easy as too much of the essence would probably feel like a mouthful of perfume.

This pretty-in-pink fatfatcaron is thankfully not a punch in the face but just slightly scented with rose, in the disc of sponge that complemented the tropical flavours of the lychee cream.

Nanatang Fatfatcaron 8

Specially created for the daredevils seeking for something completely out of the box, Nanatang’s Ham & Cheese Fatfatcaron is a leap of faith the team took—in-between the sweet macaron shells are alternate layers of cheese and ham slices finished with a spread of cream cheese. Surprisingly, this was a flavour which I absolutely loved! The sweet-savoury combination worked its magic, resulting in a unique fatfatcaron that was delicious nonetheless.

Having tried all 10 of Nanatang’s Fatfatcarons, a normal French macaron might never satisfy me anymore. If you are intrigued by these upsized macarons, you can make your orders online here.

Nanatang also offers workshops where you can learn how to make these adorable creations and other Korean-inspired bakes to start off in your future endeavours in the kitchen. If you are looking to get your hands dirty, why not check out the workshops they have to offer?

Dates & Times: Nanatang’s fatcarons and fatfatcarons are available for order online

Prices: From S$12

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Our Rating: 4 / 5


41 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169358

Our Rating 4/5


41 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169358

Telephone: +65 9199 8928
Telephone: +65 9199 8928
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