Satiate Your Nasi Lemak Cravings On-The-Go With Spinelli Coffee’s New Nasi Lemak Wrap Now Available

Nasi lemak lovers have yet another reason to rejoice! Spinelli Coffee has released a new Nasi Lemak Wrap (S$6.50) now available at all outlets.

Spinelli Nasi Lemak Wrap 1

The Nasi Lemak Wrap can be found in the fridge along with all the other food items available at Spinelli Coffee outlets. This meant that the wrap would have to be microwaved and reheated before serving.

While it would have been great if it were prepared on the spot rather than prepackaged and reheated, I could understand why Spinelli Coffee has decided to do this. After all, these food items are designed for convenience.

Spinelli Nasi Lemak Wrap 3

Spinelli Coffee has arguably achieved this goal with the Nasi Lemak Wrap and have managed to reconstruct a local favourite into an ultraportable package for a quick fix on-the-go. I was rather impressed at the overall taste of the wrap considering that it’s a microwaved item.

While not the most aesthetically-pleasing, I could definitely smell and taste the prominent, fragrant and sweet coconut milk.

Spinelli Nasi Lemak Wrap 4

It features a thick, rectangular rice frittata. I wasn’t too sure as to whether it was the shape of the frittata or the lack of egg flavour, but it had the consistency of and tasted like, ketupat (rice cooked in woven coconut leaves).

Spinelli Nasi Lemak Wrap 5

In contrast to the gelatinous texture of the rice frittata, I could taste the crunchy fried anchovies and nuts that were spread evenly around the wrap. This helped add textural diversity, and a touch of earthiness and saltiness, which added to the eating experience.

Rounding off the entire wrap was the sambal chilli sauce, and the spicy notes were one of the most prominent aspects of the dish. Even though I’d place my spice tolerance at a little above average, the sambal chilli in the wrap made me break out into a sweat. You’ll definitely want to get a cold drink to go with this!

Spinelli Nasi Lemak Wrap 6

Spinelli Coffee has successfully deconstructed the beloved nasi lemak and repackaged it into an item that can be eaten on-the-go.

If there were any improvements I’d want to see in this wrap, it’d be to tone down the spiciness of the sambal (however, I know that some of you chilli aficionados will go crazy over the sambal here). I’d also appreciate it if a little protein was added, to fully capture the main elements of nasi lemak.

That being said, I’d definitely head over to Spinelli Coffee to grab this item if I needed a quick and filling meal before running off to my next appointment. 

Dates & Times: Available now at all Spinelli Coffee outlets | Refer to the opening hours for each outlet

Price: S$6.50 per wrap