Nasty Cookie x Broti: The Earl Grey collab of our dreams is here with cookies & soft serves

There’s no better story than witnessing two local start-ups come together and flourish. The Broti x Nasty Cookie collab is a testament to the fact that innovative stuff is brewing across the island. Cookie, Tea, or Me is their newest baby that has us all excited about. 

Nasty Cookie x Broti - poster and cookie
Credit – Broti

Broti x Nasty Cookie introduces the Earl Grey Series which includes the Earl Grey Cookie (S$5.50) and Earl Grey Soft Serve (S$3.20). The cookie is pumped with a generous amount of Earl Grey white chocolate ganache produced from Broti’s Earl Grey tea leaves. You can pick this one up from any Nasty Cookie retail outlet and Broti’s main outlet on Baghdad street

Nasty Cookie x Broti - cookie and softserve
Credit – Broti

The Earl Grey Soft Serve looks creamy, cool, and all ready to be devoured. I can’t imagine how good the taste of bergamot orange (the fruit from which the flavour is derived) will be in an ice cream. Perfect for the summer! It’s available only in select Nasty Cookie locations— Orchard, Funan, Westgate, and Vivocity

They’re also giving away 1000 S$2 vouchers for Broti and Nasty Cookie items. If you were to purchase the Earl Grey Series items from Nasty Cookie, you’ll get a Broti Voucher, and vice versa. The series is available only for September 2022, so don’t wait too long to get them!

These Muslim-owned, halal start-ups have survived and succeeded because of great products that had people coming back for more. So redeem these vouchers and don’t miss out on food and drinks that’ll make your day sweeter. 

Nasty Cookie x Broti - Thai Milk Tea

From Nasty Cookie, you’ve got sinful snacks like the B.O.B (Biscoff, Oreo, Brownie, S$5.50), Choco Bueno (S$5), and Red Velvet Crumble (S$5.50). On Broti’s side, you can try their bestsellers like Thai Milk Tea (S$4.50), Charcoal Matcha (S$4.50), and Masala Milk Tea (S$5). Sweeten your September by treating yourself!

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