Nespresso Barista Creations: Three New Coffee Blends To Perfect Your Coffee & Milk Recipes

Ever had those mornings when you’re just dying for a cuppa, but the closest café isn’t quite nearby enough? Why not take things into your own hands, and brew some coffee from the comfort of home?

In this day and age, Nespresso coffee machines are common enough that you probably have one at home or in your office too.

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Personally, I love a strong espresso shot, but I get that it isn’t for everyone. Those of you who enjoy milk with your caffeine fix, Nespresso’s new Barista Creations range is right up your alley.

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Consisting of three different blends – Chiaro, Scuro and Corto (S$7.60 per sleeve of 10 capsules) — it’s now easier to create perfectly crafted coffee with milk beverages at home. They also come in Nespresso’s usual sleek packaging with a lovely colour gradient. As a huge fan of coffee, I couldn’t wait to make a cuppa or two and try out these new blends.

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Of course, you’ll need a Nespresso coffee machine for this. My office has an Inissia (S$198, S$268 in bundle with milk frother), and a separate milk frother, so I was good to go.

If you’re in the market for a new coffee machine, I’d recommend one from the Lattissima line (from S$448) simply because they come with a built-in milk system that froths the milk for you. Now I know what I’ll be getting for my future house!

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I decided to start from the lightest flavour and work my way up to the most intense. Made with a blend of Kenyan and Indonesian Arabica, the Chiaro is the lightest roast. I took a tiny sip of the coffee before adding any milk, and it was rather acidic but still light on the palate.

Since the coffee machine in my office doesn’t have a built-in milk frother, I had to froth the milk separately. For Chiaro, the recommended amount of milk to create a mild cappuccino is 60ml with 25ml of coffee, which is roughly a ristretto cup size.

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I’m definitely not a skilled latte artist, so my drink turned out looking quite basic. Who knows, if I keep practising with these capsules and milk, maybe one day I’ll be the Picasso of latte art.

Taste-wise, adding milk brings out the fragrant caramel and biscuit notes in the coffee. The bitter coffee flavour was quite light, so it’s great for those who prefer their coffees milkier.

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If you like your coffee balanced, then the Scuro might be for you. This medium roast blend is made with split roasting of Colombian and Ethopian Arabica. Likewise, a sip of this coffee on its own was slightly acidic, with hints of a sweet finish.

Nespresso Milky Way 8 1

Going by the recommended serving method to get an intense cappuccino, I added 60ml of frothed milk to 25ml of coffee. This was the most well-rounded blend of the three, especially after adding some milk to flatten the acidity and balance the bitterness.

This would be really good as a breakfast pick-me-up, with lingering nutty notes and hints of cereal. Pair it with a granola bar or some overnight oats and you’re all set for a high-energy morning!

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Finally, for coffee drinkers like me who like stronger and more robust flavours, the Corto is a good milk coffee option. This dark roasted blend is made with African Arabicas and Robusta, so I was anticipating a good balance of acidity and nutty notes, with a bittersweet flavour.

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For this blend, Nespresso recommends enjoying 40ml of coffee with 10 – 20ml of hot milk and two small spoons of milk foam. This basically creates a cortado, an espresso with equal parts steamed milk and coffee.

Adding milk took away a good amount of acidity, leaving a silky-smooth blend with lingering roasted nutty notes and a hint of charred smoke.

My favourite was, hands down, the Corto for its punchy body and lingering flavour. To me, this could be easily enjoyed with or without milk, which makes it a clear winner.

Besides their new range of coffee capsules, you can also check out Nespresso’s local recycling initiative. Customers can drop off used capsules at Nespresso boutiques, or pass it to the deliveryman on their next delivery order.

If you’re already drinking coffee, why not take a simple small step towards sustainability?

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With Nespresso’s new Barista Creations range, I’m sure it’ll be easier to enjoy DIY coffee and milk recipes without leaving the comfort of home.

For those of us looking for a caffeine fix, coffee break is going to get way more delicious. It doesn’t just have to be black coffee with creamer anymore!

Expected Damage: S$7.60 per sleeve (10 capsules per sleeve) | Available online and at all Nespresso boutiques at ION Orchard, Takashimaya, Raffles City and VivoCity.

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Nespresso