Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon: New Flavour With A Chocolate Cake Centre Is Available Now Only In Tokyo

Nestle Japan has been killing the game with its innovative chocolate bar flavours and many tourists return from Japan with truckloads of Kit Kat chocolate bars.

Apple Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake and Sweet Bean Jelly Sandwich flavours are examples of flavours that were inspired by some of our favourite desserts. This latest flavour takes the cake again with chocolate cake as the special ingredient.

Truth be told, I’m surprised that this flavour was not already in the market.

I’m not sure why the name of this new delight consists of a made-up word and French words, but I’m not complaining when the Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon features a soft and chewy piece of chocolate cake inside the top layer of the chocolate bar.

It will be sold in boxes of three for ¥1,458 (approx. S$18) or six for ¥2,916 (approx. S$36). Though a tad pricey, splurging on delectable sweet treats is excusable, especially when you are on vacation.

Flagship Chocolatory store and cafe in Tokyo

The Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon was created to celebrate the re-opening of the flagship Kit Kat Chocolatory store cum cafe in Tokyo’s Ginza district so it will only be available there. Being so exclusive will probably only make you want it more.

So if you happen to be visiting Tokyo anytime soon, drop by and bring some of this chocolatey goodness back as souvenirs!

Prices: ¥1,458 (approx. S$18) for a box of three; ¥2,916 (approx. S$36) for a box of six

Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon: Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 3-7-2 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11am – 9pm | Website