Spice up your snack stash with these newly released treats

As a full-time undergraduate, I am no stranger to the irresistible siren-like calls of indulging in some good ol’ stress eating. I snack, a lot— chips, candy, chocolate…these essays will be done with me munching on something. If you’re anything like me, then you’d want to stay tuned for six exciting new snack launches, ready to keep you satisfied.

a photo of pink cookies
Credit – foodpanda

For the self-dubbed cookie connoisseurs, Famous Amos has launched brand new Hibiscus Chocolate Pau-radise (S$15.90) cookies in a gorgeous pink shade.

These zesty cookies are endorsed by foodpanda‘s brand ambassador, Pau-Pau, and are available on Famous Amos stores via foodpanda.

a photo of crusty's snacks
Credit – Crusty’s Singapore
Snack on Crusty’s new BBQ Seafood and Chicken Rice Potato Chips (Price TBA). You might’ve indulged in a bag or two of their famous Salted Egg Fish Skin (S$6.80), so why not switch things up?
a photo of chocolates
Credit – GODIVA Singapore

Maybe you’re in the mood for a snack that’s more decadent and luxurious. Nothing wrong with treating yourself, especially if it’s GODIVA‘s new Spring Easter collection. These chocolate truffles with bright blooms and adorable bunnies will make the perfect gift from you, for you.

a photo of zenko superfoods
Credit – ZENKO Superfoods

If you’re leaning towards something on the healthier spectrum, I’ve got the perfect snack to recommend: Popped Jowar, which is better known as sorghum. It’s a healthy grain, and you can get your hands on ZENKO Superfoods‘ new Apple Cinnamon and Salted Caramel flavours to munch on when you’re craving something.

I’ve got my own preferences when it comes to snacks I stock up on when exam season hits, but I think a break from routine is always good, especially if the snacks are pink or made of chocolate. Go munch and conquer!

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