Nimman Soi 9: Legit Thai stall with 36 dishes by ex-Orchard Tower eatery owner at Tampines kopitiam

Years ago, when Orchard Towers was thriving, ex-owner and chef of the now-defunct Jane Thai Restaurant, Jane Pamakham, cooked her heart out amidst the vibrant nightlife atmosphere. Fast forward to the present, the Chiangmai native dishes out legit Thai food at her very own kopitiam stall, Nimman Soi 9, on Tampines Street 11.

nimman soi 9 - stall front

During my visit, Jane mentioned that she had just relocated a couple of weeks ago from Tampines Street 21. She conversed in a mix of English and Mandarin, and even with her mask on, her eyes conveyed a constant smile.

nimman soi 9 - jane in action

nimman soi 9 - jane in action

Accompanying me was Diane, my dining partner who conveniently lives nearby. Upon sharing Nimman Soi 9’s history with her, she enthusiastically exclaimed, “Wait, Jane Thai?! I had some of the Thai food back then, when they were at Orchard Towers, after a night of partying.”

What I tried at Nimman Soi 9

After my eyes engaged in an intense workout scanning the extensive menu of 36 dishes, I finally settled on 5 choices for lunch.

nimman soi 9 - vermicelli salad

Seeking a tangy and light option to kickstart my appetite, the Tang Hoon Salad (S$8.50) turned out to be the perfect choice. The vermicelli was accompanied by succulent prawns, sotong, sliced shallots, sliced chilli padi, and sprigs of fresh coriander.

nimman soi 9 - vermicelli salad closeup

The citrusy punch coming from the invisible dressing that coated each delicate, glassy strand of tang hoon was refreshing. In between bites, you’ll be hit with tiny but mighty waves of spiciness coming from the pieces of bird’s eye chilli. The addition of sliced shallots and coriander also added some zing to my taste buds.

nimman soi 9 - prawns

The 2 prawns accompanying it weren’t your typical average-sized shrimp (just check out the picture above); they were humongous, with the centre already peeled for convenient enjoyment.

nimman soi 9 - squid

Have you ever encountered chewy squid at certain places, requiring a moment of thorough chewing to break it down? Well, that’s not the case here. You can enjoy them without any struggle since Jane has made them incredibly tender.

nimman soi 9 - chicken wings

I’ll admit, deciding between the Tom Yum Chicken Wings (S$10) and the Salted Egg Sesame Wings (S$10) felt as challenging as selecting which watch to wear in the morning. I’m glad I decided on the latter.

nimman soi 9 - chicken wings closeup

Contrary to my initial expectation of the wings being drenched in salted egg sauce, they turned out to be dry instead. The cluster of sesame seeds which were stuck on the skin tasted similar to the fragrant butterfly buns which are usually sold at you tiao stalls; crispy, nutty and aromatic.

Even though the chicken wings weren’t coated with sauce, the salted egg flavour was present but not overpowering, enabling me to comfortably consume 3 or 4 of these without feeling jelak.

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Diane sighed, “If only I had a beer now,” as we devoured the wings in record time. It was so good!

nimman soi 9 - beef noodles

Next up was the Beef Noodle Soup (S$6.50). The bowl contained a generous serving of sliced beef, beef balls, rice noodles, beansprouts, and a garnish of coriander on top.

nimman soi 9 - beef noodles broth closeup

The broth had gentle notes of star anise and it was seasoned just right.

nimman soi 9 - beef noodles broth closeup

The beef slices and beef balls were reasonably tender, although they didn’t leave a remarkable impression.

nimman soi 9 - closeup of chilli

Sprinkling chilli powder was akin to igniting a stick of dynamite, infusing my ordinary bowl of noodles with an explosion of fiery intensity and giving it tons of character.

nimman soi 9 - tomyum soup

It was time to move on to the Tom Yum Seafood Soup (S$8.50), something spicy and sour to keep the momentum going.

nimman soi 9 - tom yum ingredients

Inside the translucent broth, we discovered pieces of prawns, fish, shimeiji mushrooms, and a variety of herbs like kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass.

nimman soi 9 - tom yum broth

Both of us mutually agreed that the soup was good but not mind blowing. It needed more oomph and depth in flavour to truly stand out.

nimman soi 9 - chilli prawns

We ended our lunch with the Thai Chilli Prawn (S$18). Although it was one of the priciest menu items, it was justified by the size of the crustaceans being served. They were tossed in a thick chilli mixture which was abundant with sliced onions.

nimman soi 9 - prawn closeup

The prawns looked intimidating with its deep red hue and chunky-looking sambal coating. However, it turned out to be a gentle giant, albeit its scary appearance. The spice was subtle with the lovely onions providing bursts of sweetness to it. No beads of sweat formed on my forehead, suggesting that the spiciness was on the milder side.

Final thoughts

nimman soi 9 - overview

The both of us were stuffed to the max and we ended up packing some food home. Overall, we really enjoyed the chicken wings, chilli prawns and vermicelli. It gave the impression of being invited to a Thai lady’s home for a delightful feast. Jane asked for a photo together  as a memory and I gladly obliged; how cute!

I’m excited to bring my friends to Jane’s place soon, hoping to try even more of her delicious Thai dishes with more people.

Expected damage: S$6.50 – S$15 per pax

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Our Rating: 4 / 5

Nimman Soi 9

Blk 139 Tampines Street 11, #01-08, Singapore 521139

Our Rating 4/5

Nimman Soi 9

Blk 139 Tampines Street 11, #01-08, Singapore 521139

Telephone: +65 8032 0887
Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Thu to Tue), Closed on Wed
Telephone: +65 8032 0887

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Thu to Tue), Closed on Wed
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