Thank Our Healthcare Workers With Free Nineteen95 Cold Brew During COVID-19 Crisis On Give Asia

During this COVID-19 crisis, it’s important that we remember to express our gratitude towards our friendly healthcare workers for their hard work and sacrifice when it comes to taking care of our fellow Singaporeans. 

Let’s not forget that the virus emerged very early in the year and our healthcare frontline warriors have been battling it for months and putting their lives at stake to ensure our nation’s safety. 

Nineteen95 Free Cold Brew Healthcare Changi General Hospital Singapore Mar 2020 Online

There were even stories of how an ambulance driver was ostracised and denied food when he tried to purchase it from a vendor. At times like this, it’s understandable to feel afraid, but we should also show some compassion for our healthcare fighters by giving back in the simplest way possible. 

Nineteen95 Free Cold Brew Healthcare Singapore Mar 2020 Online 2

Nineteen95 the Espresso Bar has decided to open a crowdfunding drive to hand out complimentary cold brew at hospitals. For every S$1 donated, Nineteen95 will also be donating S$1 worth of coffee or tea to the respective hospitals. All funds raised from this campaign will go to the operating and material costs for the coffee and tea. 

Nineteen95 Free Cold Brew Healthcare Singapore Mar 2020 Online

Upon raising S$800, Nineteen95 will deliver the first batch of 200 bottles to the first hospital. If you want to find out more, visit their Give Asia page

Remember—every dollar counts. If you’re thinking of giving back to the healthcare sector for all their hard work, this is the simplest outlet for you to do so. 

Dates & Times: Now open for donations

Price: Any donation amount accepted