Nuude Ice Cream by Udders makes dessert a guiltless affair with superfoods and lower calories

You might have heard of Udders Ice Cream, the local ice cream cafe that serves up delicious flavours and hilarious puns, but did you know that they also have a sister brand, Nuude Ice Cream?

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Nuude Ice Cream is a brand that’s dedicated to making ice cream with lower-calorie, lower-sugar, and lower-fat content, all while still tasting amazing and satisfying as a dessert should be. 

If you’re calling ice cream a guilty pleasure, Nuude Ice Cream would like to persuade you otherwise—their ice cream is a 100% pure and natural clean label, free from artificial flavours, colourings, preservatives and emulsifiers, which also explains their name.

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Additionally, Nuude Ice Cream uses superfoods such as cacao nibs, camu berries and goji berries in their flavours to give their desserts a boost of goodness. For example, the Strawberry & Camu Berry Ice Cream (S$5.90 per single scoop cup) is made with fresh strawberries, Peruvian camu berries, flax seeds and raw honey, creating a dessert rich in antioxidants and fruity flavours.

Dessert really doesn’t have to be sinful here.

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Check out the Dark Chocolate & Cacao Nibs Sorbet (S$5.90 per single scoop cup), an intense and rich flavour that would put non-vegan chocolate counterparts to shame. Made with a blend of French and Belgian dark chocolates with cacao nibs in the mix, this promises to be an addictive treat with none of the guilt.

Nuude Ice Cream flavours are available in single scoop cups (S$5.90) and in pint tubs (S$17.50). Alternatively, you could get a set of their four classic flavours in the Naked Goodness Multipack (S$20.80), which includes a single scoop cup for each flavour.

You can find Nuude Ice Cream at all Udders outlets (except Beach Road), and for delivery via GrabFood and on their E-store. They are also available at this list of Fairprice Finest outlets and Shell Stations, in case you need some emergency indulgence.

Date & Time: Now available at Udders outlets (except Beach Road), and for delivery via GrabFood and on their E-store

Price: S$5.90 for single scoop cup, S$17.50 for pint tub, S$20.80 for a multi-pack of four single scoop cups

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