Open Farm Community: Learn How To Make Tasty & Healthy Cocktails With Organic Herbs

Love booze but want to stay healthy?

Open Farm Community is a concept restaurant that serves delicious locally-sourced food. It also holds interesting workshops such as the Brunch Tipples Masterclass, a cocktail-making class at $120++ per pax.

So how does health come into play? Organic ingredients grown from the Open Farm Community’s garden are used to make the cocktails — sure, booze still isn’t healthy, but this is a slightly healthier option than the typical sugary and syrupy cocktails sold at bars.

In this workshop, the cocktails you make will be refreshing and unconventional. You get to learn how to make the cocktails that they sell in-house, such as the Smashing Good Thyme ($18), which is made with thyme, fresh limes, and green peas.

The workshop includes a tour around their edible garden, lessons on different types of herbs, spirit bases, and cocktail-making techniques. You will also receive a booklet which has a cocktail-making guide as well as several recipes.

With this class, and a few pots of herbs that you can easily start growing at home, you can start making your own cocktails that will fuel any parties you host.

So grab your friends and book a date for the Brunch Tipples Masterclass, as a minimum of eight participants is needed!

Expected damage: $120++ per pax


Brunch Tipples Masterclass: Open Farm Community, 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819 | Tel: +65 6471 0306 | Website | More Info