Origin + Bloom: An Epic Nine-Layer Sandwich & Gorgeous Desserts At Swanky Marina Bay Sands

There is nothing like spending lazy afternoons over delectable sandwiches and even more delightful pastries. While we’re all ‘been there done that’ with the cafes, Origin + Bloom over at Marina Bay Sands, might revive that well-loved trend.

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Origin + Bloom aims to be an escape from your hectic lives. Designed by award-winning interior design firm Joyce Wang Studio, Origin + Bloom is decked out with wooden panels and tropical accents for a relaxed façade that doesn’t put on any airs or feel too fussy.

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Lush vegetation peeks out from the back of Origin + Bloom allowing you to truly unwind with rows of dainty cakes and gourmet sandwiches in glass domes at your disposal.

Chef Antonio Benites is the man behind Origin + Bloom, and if you have high standards for your cakes, he’s got you covered. Chef Benites was under the tutelage of the revolutionary Pierre Hermé and was Pastry Chef Director at the former Michelin-starred Joël Robuchon Restaurant and Atelier de Joël Robuchon until 2018.

With a resume like that, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

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We started with one of  Origin + Bloom’s signature sandwiches, The Whole Nine Yards (S$16/4cm, S$29/8cm, S$85/whole). A savoury Mille crêpe is what you’ll see, featuring endless layers of cured meats, pickled vegetables and arugula. You’ll spend a good five minutes just examining each layer.

Amongst the cured meats, you’ll spot (or taste) the likes of mortadella, spicy chorizo, Jésus du Pays basque (dry-aged pork sausage), chambost saucisson (cured pork sausage), and gammon ham. An ardent advocate of cured meats, this was like a dream come true—I even started picking it off like kueh lapis.

A hearty and a rather neat sandwich (to soothe my OCD tendencies), this one hits the spot.

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From Origin + Bloom’s viennoiserie section, we have the ‘Otah Otah’ Croissant (S$5.50), a tasty little ode to Singapore. A typical French croissant, but filled with a thick slab of otah and finished with a bit of furikake.

Origin + Bloom 03

A croissant is only as good as its buttery, flaky layers, and this was entirely satisfactory. The addition of otah, though unusual, was not something entirely new. Nevertheless, a buttery pastry coupled with spicy otah makes for a moreish afternoon snack.

Origin + Bloom 05

After the savouries, come the crowning jewels of Origin + Bloom. The Mango (S$10) is adorably shaped like a mango with its distinctive sunny yellow hue.

Origin + Bloom 10

A little crack on the chocolate shell reveals the airy dandelion-coloured mousse made with fresh nam doc mai mango, best known for its aroma and sweetness. Chef Antonio adds a unique twist with the addition of Sarawak pepper for subtle contrast as well as to embolden the other flavours.

That’s not all, the centre of the mango is also filled with a passionfruit lychee jelly. These tropical flavours worked well together; bright, zesty and fresh, this mango tasted as good as it was charming.

Origin + Bloom 06

No afternoon with desserts is complete without a decadent chocolate number. This glistening and glossy beauty is the Black Symphony (S$10) that promises to hit all the right notes.

The tune starts with a layer of salted caramel mousse in between two pure dark chocolate pecan brownies, set atop cacao crumble base—a delicate white chocolate feather poised on the shiny surface.

Origin + Bloom 12

As with any pastry, textures are essential. A good pastry would have creamy, rich and crunchy all in one bite.  The salted caramel mousse was airy and light but with the tantalising sweet-salty caramel is known for. Everything came to a crescendo with those intensely flavoured pecan brownies that complemented the buttery cacao crumble.

As much as I love chocolate desserts, only the more accomplished chefs are able to balance the many different facets of chocolate well—an indulgent dessert for sure, but one that does not leave weighed down by its ingredients.

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The Mont Blanc (S$9) with its powdered sugar cap and signature chestnut swirls is one the quintessential desserts you can’t miss. This sweet treat is usually not my first choice, as the chestnut can be a little cloying and completely turn me off.

Origin + Bloom 08

For Origin + Bloom, their chestnut paste was velvety and not as sweet as I expected, which I appreciated. They kept things light in the middle, with a mousse-like almond cream that is tempered with a tangy cranberry coulis. You get the fragrant flowery sweet notes from the almond cream, mild acidity from the cranberry coulis and honeyed candy-like flavour from the chesnuts.

A harmonious mix of the disparate flavours—I’m not usually inclined to a Mont Blanc, but this one checked all the boxes for me.

Origin + Bloom 16Origin + Bloom 15

I’ve only scratched the surface of what Origin + Bloom has to offer. There’s a whole smorgasbord of exquisite desserts at your disposal.

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Coffee and desserts are a classic pairing and Origin + Bloom takes their coffee seriously. From traditional blends to modern concoctions, the Origin + Bloom Mazagran (S$6) is a prime example. This coffee is made with cold drip coffee and lemon juice, and is served on ice.

I’m not going lie, the lemon juice made this heaps more acidic than usual. More of a tea drinker than a coffee connoisseur, I found myself liking this drink more than I thought I would. An acquired taste but one that I enjoyed.

Origin + Bloom offers some pretty solid dessert and light bites for you to ride out your afternoon. With its chill atmosphere, I can see myself taking some respite from the hustle and bustle while nibbling on a sweet treat.

Expected Damage: S$9 – S$15 per item

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Origin + Bloom

10 Bayfront Avenue, Tower 3 Lobby, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956

Our Rating 4/5

Origin + Bloom

10 Bayfront Avenue, Tower 3 Lobby, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956

Operating Hours: 7am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 7am - 10pm (Daily)
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