OSA Kaki Fuyong: Omelette dish in Korean- & Japanese-inspired flavours, under $10

All hail the arrival of famed OSA Kaki Fuyong from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, this stall used to operate in the polytechnic before closing down. Today, they have opened at Beauty World Food Centre

I informed my sister, who used to study in the institution, about their opening, and she was stoked. And of course, she decided to follow me in my food adventure to find out if they were still as good. 

osa kaki fuyong - storefront

In my opinion, this food centre dishes out one of the best hawker fares in Singapore. Unlike other well-known stalls in the area, OSA Kaki Fuyong had little to no queue during my visit. I was perplexed but still kept my hopes up as I browsed through the menu. 

What I tried at OSA Kaki Fuyong

The menu offered the same dishes in 2 different flavours— spicy kimchi with cheese and non-spicy Japanese curry. I started off with their Salmon Curry Fuyong with Rice (S$7) and added Crab Stick (S$0.50)

Presentation wise, let me just say that I could never look away from a bubbling hot plate.

osa kaki fuyong - salmon curry dish

I was pleased to find that all the dishes were served on a hot plate, ensuring that the food remained piping hot throughout the meal.  My plate was stuffed with a slab of pink-hued salmon sitting atop a bed of fluffy omelette, drenched with curry.

osa kaki fuyong - spoonful of salmon and egg

I dived straight into the dish with a mouthful of all 3 components stacked on my spoon. Delicious! The fish was cooked through but melted in my mouth while the eggs were super fluffy.

The earthy flavour from the curry was present but I wished it was more pronounced.

osa kaki fuyong - crabmeat

The extra crab sticks were added in chunks to the omelette mix, which I enjoyed — it added more texture and fluffy-ness to the cooked eggs. 

Overall, I believe that a bit more salt could be added to properly season the dish. However, the pickled vegetable accompaniment was refreshing and necessary in between bites.

osa kaki fuyong - spicy beef dish

By the end of this dish, I was sorely craving for something spicy. Thankfully I ordered the Beef Kimcheese Fuyong with Rice (S$6.50) and added a Potato Croquette (S$1.60 per piece).

osa kaki fuyong - beef closeup

The scattered beef slices were a deep brown, with red stripes from the spicy sauce used. Taste wise, the meat was super tender and savoury while the sauce tasted like a reduction made of gochujang. I definitely preferred this over the Salmon Curry Fuyong.

osa kaki fuyong - omelette focus beef dish

The same omelette base was used which was slightly charred on the bottom but still wobbly and soft at the top. I couldn’t help but think of it like the hot plate version of Korean-style steamed eggs traditionally served in earthenware pots.

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osa kaki fuyong - halved croquette

The Potato Croquette was fried till golden brown and super crispy. The potato filling was still fluffy but my dining companion hoped for a greater inclusion of vegetables.

osa kaki fuyong - karage dipped in mayo

We chose a side dish to pair with our mains — Chicken Karaage (S$3.50 for 3 pieces). Like the Potato Croquette, the chicken pieces were fried till perfection. I loved its superb crunch but  felt it could use a bit more salt seasoning once again.

osa kaki fuyong - beef miso soup

To each dish, there was an option to top up S$1.50 for either Beef or Salmon Miso Soup. We both chose the latter and enjoyed its pairing with the rice dishes. It introduced the much required salty component and the inclusion of tofu, seaweed and meat was well worth its price. 

Final thoughts

osa kaki fuyong - several dishes

The grub served by OSA Kaki Fuyong isn’t too bad for its price point. I do encourage the team to use more salt when seasoning their ingredients to elevate their flavours. Nonetheless, those craving a taste of nostalgia should head down to try it out for yourself! 

Expected damage: S$7.50 to S$12 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

OSA Kaki Fuyong

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Food Centre, #04-18, Singapore 588177

Our Rating 3/5

OSA Kaki Fuyong

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Food Centre, #04-18, Singapore 588177

Operating Hours: 10.30am - 8.30pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10.30am - 8.30pm (Daily)