Osia Restaurant (Resorts World Sentosa): Singapore Food Review

“Australian Contemporary Dining”

Osia Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa is helmed by Chef de cuisine Douglas Tay, who has started to change the menu according to seasonal variations- an important Osia concept. The new menu launches January 2014.

Osia restaurant Resort World Sentosa

Utilizing fresh Australian produce combined with modern culinary techniques, Osia aims to produce a menu that thinks ‘out-of-the-box’.

Exuding a very soothing, brightly lit atmosphere, it’s especially pleasant to be dining at Osia for lunch. I wouldn’t categorize Osia as fine-dining, but perhaps semi-fine, and you can still be at ease with the modern fixtures and easy-going servers.

Osia restaurant RWS flatbread

Osia’s Stone Hearth Flatbreads are homemade loaves that are freshly baked as a starter. It also comes with a variety of toppings, and here we had Macademia nuts on the left, and seasonal Black Truffle with Kalamata Olives on the right. The bread has a pleasantly crisp crust, and is delightfully airy and chewy on the inside.

Don’t be stunned by the servers putting ‘toothpaste’ on your bread. It contains Macadamia ricotta cream cheese that you can squeeze out to further compliment your bread. Absolutely amazing. Probably the best starter bread I’ve had at a restaurant is right here at Osia.

Osia RWS seafood ice experience

Seafood Ice Experience ($36). Six colorful test tubes containing: 1) Watermelon Raspberry Vinegar, Amaebi, 2) Calamansi Mojito, Hokkaido Scallop, 3) Sourz Apple, Salmon Trout, 4) Coconut, Maine Lobster, 5) Pineapple Rum, Tuna, 6) Lychee Martini, Oyster.

A bright and happy presentation, this was an interesting palate cleanser to start the meal. Seafood paired with an alcoholic frozen mix my favourites were the Lychee Martini Oyster and Watermelon Amaebi which I felt were paired the best. It was quite tedious trying to dig out the frozen ice though.

Osia Restaurant RWS Hokkaido Scallop

Hokkaido Scallop ($40). Huge sweet scallops that are slightly cured with citrus juices, topped with Cauliflower Cream, Black Truffle Salsa and Seaweed Vinaigrette. The freshness from the Hokkaido scallops were amazing with its natural sweetness complimented to well with the assortment of toppings, and a hint of citrus acidity. Beautiful flowery presentation.

Osia restaurant RWS Fjord trout

Fjord Trout ($32). 42 degree confit Norwegian Trout with Spiced Cashew Nut, Pineapple Vanilla Rum Jelly, Cilantro Butter Gel. A very tender and marbled fish that is enhanced with the sweet pineapple rum jelly and cashew. Almost like eating Sashimi. I honestly preferred if Salmon was used though, as there is a sweetness to the flesh that I have grown to love that the trout lacks.

Osia RWS norwegian prawn

Norwegian Prawn ($25). A simple citrus emulsion with fennel and dill. The flavours weren’t very strong in this dish and quite subtle. Wasn’t very exciting.

Osia restaurant rws turbot

Turbot ($55). Served with Broccoflower, Snap Peas, Cheddar, Salted Lemon, Surf Clam Velouté Espuma. I can’t help but stare at the abomination that is a Broccoflower. Like a vegetarian Frankenstein experiment gone wrong. Anyway, rich Turbot fish in one of the French ‘mother sauces’ (Velouté) made with clam stock, which is decent but seems quite pricey.

Ok the presentation is really weird, there I said it.

Osia restaurant razor clamRazor Clam, Atlantic Halibut , Hokkaido Scallop ($70). A very intricate seafood dish with Black Garlic Paste, Green Onion Purée, Potato Foam,  Iberian Chorizo and Artichoke Barigoule. Many dimensions and different flavours going on in 1 bite, especially the halibut which tends to get lost in transition.

Osia restaurant beef short ribs

Pasture Fed Beef Short Rib ($66). On top of this very tender short rib is a Chestnut Porcini Mousseline, with Compressed Green Apple, Pulverized Cider Vinegar, Black Truffle Sauce on the sides. The mushroom mousse,truffle sauce and apple adds sweetness and mushroom notes to the beef which masks the beefy taste, letting you focus on the tenderness and mix of flavours.

Osia RWS grain fed black angus tenderloin

Grain Fed Black Angus Beef Tenderloin ($70). Creamed Sunchoke, Basil Cèpe, Acquerello Rice ‘Tomato Parmesan’, Red Wine Sauce. If you’ve been following my posts, you will know I’m a steak purist and don’t really like it adulterated with any other sauces, as good steak requires nothing else.

On its own, the Black Angus tenderloin was very soft with a subtle hint of beefier flavour than usual. The other sauces were a bit excessive, with the crispy rice, red wine, creamed sunchoke and so on, as if the chef is trying too hard to enhance the steak. It really gets a little confusing for me.

Osia Restaurant RWS Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin

Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Breast ($70). Swede Carrot Purée, Romanesco Crumble, Garlic Cream Spelt, Tawny Port JusHonestly, this is the first time I’ve had a Lamb breast (usually it’s duck/chicken). Either that or no one has ever highlighted the breast to me while I was eating lamb.

Sous vide lamb loin and breast, this evenly pink meat is very flavourful not to mention tender to the bite. Romanesco is a cauliflower that has been diced like coleslaw, and serves to neutralize the heavy, juicy gamey taste of the loin. The breast was balanced well with the port jus and carrot purée.

Osia restaurant RWS pumpkin

Pumpkin ($20). My favourite dish of the day, this pumpkin dessert has Lemon Mousse, Goat Cheese and Frozen Red Wine. Below the dish, there is a mix of spices like Star Anise, cloves and cinnamon with dried ice, then a curry spice liquid is poured in to catalyse a beautiful fragrance to compliment your dish while eating. A multi-sensory dish that is just so well balanced and amazing.

Osia restaurant souffle

Macadamia Soufflé ($34). With Crunchy Praline, Banana Custard and Sour Cream Ice. Pour the banana custard into the soufflé and eat it with the Ice cream and praline for a wonderful mish mash of complimenting textures and flavours. Soft and fluffy soufflé that won’t disappoint.

Osia restaurant RWS interior

Osia’s chef uses multiple and complex flavourings in combination together, and some of the dishes might be over-daunting when you’ve not heard of half the ingredients in it. Pretty good standards, but the a la carte menu is slightly pricey.

The Sunday Long Lunch at $58++ (all you can eat) is in my opinion, really worth the money to enjoy such delicacies endlessly at that price. There is also a $35++ 2 course set lunch as well as a $45++ 3 course set lunch.

Expected Damage: $60-$160/pax (lunch set is about half price of the dinner set)

Osia Restaurant (RWS): Resorts World Sentosa, #02-140/141 26 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098139 | Website

*Big thanks to Zhi Juan and Serene for inviting me to this tasting together with review powerhouses like MelicacyMisstamchiakGninethreeI-S magazine as well as Thesmartlocal.

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