Clean your teeth and spice up your routine with Ottogi Curry Toothpaste in just 3 minutes

Samyang Buldak Ramen might make us regret going on multiple trips to the toilet, but having to use curry toothpaste on a daily basis? I honestly don’t know how I feel about that. 

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Ottogi, a Korean company that specialises in food manufacturing, and 2080, a company focusing on oral care, have collaborated and produced—a product that literally nobody asked for—curry-flavoured toothpaste

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Yes, the Ottogi Curry Toothpaste might sound gimmicky, but it does claim to possess similar benefits just like regular toothpaste. It contains Vitamin E, sodium fluoride, and tocopheryl acetate. These ingredients help brighten your teeth, prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and remove bad breath. 

On top of that, the Ottogi Curry Toothpaste also contains a mild turmeric extract, which means you’ll be able to smell and subtly taste curry at first. But fret not, the curry does not overpower its mint base. In fact, the more you brush your teeth, the more refreshing it gets. 

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It seems that the Ottogi Curry Toothpaste follows the law of 3-3-3 which also explains why it comes with a 3-minute hourglass included in the set. Simply brush your teeth for 3 minutes, keeping track of the time with the 3-minute hourglass, then rinse. It’s understandable that you might be tempted to, but it comes with a fair warning against swallowing the Ottogi Curry Toothpaste, no matter how delicious it is. 

It says that the Ottogi Curry Toothpaste might not be available for a very long time as it’s limited edition, hence if you’re adventurous enough to try it and want to spice up your hygiene routine, you can purchase the Ottogi Curry Toothpaste here on Shopee before it’s sold out. Originally priced at S$29.13, the Ottogi Curry Toothpaste is now going at 30% off (S$20.39) with free shipping. Share with us your experience with this novel toothpaste; we’d love to hear about it.

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