New Samyang 4 Types of Cheese Buldak Ramen avail now on Shopee

Collage of hand holding ramen cup and close-up noodles

If there was ever a comfort food that I would stake my life on it would be Samyang Buldak Ramen. You know the ramen that is so spicy that you always elicit waves of regret on the toilet the next morning. To that, I’d say it was entirely worth it.

Hand holding 4 Types Of Cheese Buldak Ramen cup

Well, apart from their myriad of flavours that have kept our tastebuds on edge, such as their Samyang Buldak Carbonara Ramen or even their Samyang Buldak Jjajang Ramen. All excellent choices in my opinions, and here’s a new one to add to the mix the 4 Types of Cheese Buldak Ramen. I know, is this real life or is it a fantasy?

Close-up of 4 Types Of Cheese Buldak Ramen

I’ve got to say for a packet of instant noodles, the texture is pretty incredible just like the spice it bur long and fiery in my heart. You can only imagine how lovely this would taste when it absolutely smothered with the likes of four types of cheese. Here, you have the likes of gouda, cheddar, camembert, and good ol’ mozz.

Noodle pull of 4 Types Of Cheese Buldak Ramen

Only available in a cup presently, this 4 Types of Cheese Buldak Ramen is your answer to getting your cheesy fix. Yes, the Carbonara was tasty but this clearly going to way better. Plus, if you can’t handle your spice all that well, just know the lavish amount of cheese helps to quell the Samyang sauce.

I don’t know about you but I’m entirely sold. You can get these 4 Types of Cheese Buldak Ramen on Shopee here and bag as many as you can before they are sold out.

Shop the 4 Types of Cheese Buldak Ramen here.

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