12 Life-changing Luggage Packing Hacks For The Ladies This Holiday

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Packing is a hassle and I always procrastinate packing till the very last minute, simply because it’s so much effort squeezing everything into a tiny luggage. Or even worse, I’d have to get rid of outfits I really looked forward to wearing overseas because I don’t have enough luggage space.

Don’t you just want to groan at the idea of having to forsake bringing the things you love along with you on your trip? Well, groan no more, because I’ve come up with some awesome packing hacks that’ll give you all the space you need.

1. Place Belts Along the Edges


Instead of folding them into bundles, which wears your belt out and takes up space, just line your belts along the the insides of your luggage. That way, you won’t ruin your belt, and it’ll take up limited, or close to no space at all.

2. Roll Up All Articles of Clothing


Rolling your clothes make them tight and compact, so they occupy the least amount of space possible. If you want your clothes to leave the luggage wrinkle-free, fold your clothes like you normally would before rolling them up.

3. Place Socks and Underwear into Handbags



I get how you might want to bring different handbags to match your different outfits, but the downside to these pretty little things is that they take up quite a lot of space.

Why not fill that space up with socks and underwear? They’ll have to go somewhere anyway.

4. Place Necklaces into Straws


Many a times, I’ve brought my necklaces overseas and had to spend hours just untangling them, or eventually giving up and having to throw them away.

Well, here’s a solution for that problem. Place one end of the necklace into a straw and fasten the clasp once it breaches the other end – this makes for a tangle-free holiday, and save yourself from unnecessary stress.

5. Use Cardboard Cut-outs for Ear Rings


You know how sometimes when things come in pairs, and you lose one part of the pair, the other part becomes completely obsolete? That’s what ear rings are. However, if you stick them into cardboard cut-outs, you’ll never lose the other half again!

6. Store Jewellery into Medicine Cases/Resealable Medicine Bags


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I never know where to put my jewellery considering they are so small and easy to lose in a comparatively huge luggage. What I do is put them in little cases/pouches to organise them, this way they are easy to spot amidst all the clothes.

7. Place Emergency Cash into Lip Stick/Balm Hollows


This tip is good for emergencies. You never know when your valuables might get stolen or lost when you’re in an unfamiliar country.

For added safety, place some emergency cash in the hollow of your lip balm/stick. Hardly anyone would want to steal an unassuming lipstick. (unless they already know this insider trick, of course.)

8. Store Electronic Necessities in Sunglasses Casing


I like placing all electronic paraphernalia into one singular space for convenience’s sake. To prevent any scratches or damages to my cables etc., I keep them in a hard casing. Sunglasses cases are the best – they’re big and hard.

9. Cover Bottle Mouths with Cling Wrap


If you must bring something like your favourite lotion, shampoo, or conditioner, you definitely don’t want any spillage to happen on your clean clothes, because boy, that’s a big mess we do not want to deal with on a holiday.

So, in order to prevent any explosive messes in our luggage, place a piece of cling wrap on the mouth of your bottle and screw the cap back on to seal all liquids safely.

10. Put Lotions into Travel-sized Bottles


In the humidity of Singapore, you’ll never need moisturiser, but I can’t say the same for the climate overseas.

Well, if you ever need moisturiser, who wants to lug around a huge bottle just for the few squeezes you need? Get travel sized bottles so you can keep it within hand’s reach at all times (I got mine from Daiso).

11. Contact Lens Cases Hack


If you need anything in minuscule amounts, be it make up foundation, or some Vaseline, just squeeze the appropriate amount into clean contact lens cases and you’re good to go.

12. Place Perfume Bottles into Shoes


I can’t go anywhere without my favourite scent on me, or I’d feel like something is missing throughout the day.

However, knowing the way luggages are thrown around violently during the loading/unloading procedure, I can’t put my precious perfume bottle in there without being assured they will remain in one piece when I get to my destination.

Putting your perfume bottle in your shoes snugly cushions and pads it. It’ll be safe and sound for your spritzing pleasure once you land.


I can understand how one would want to bring their entire wardrobe with them while they’re travelling, and I’m just waiting for the day that science and technology allows for that to happen. Until then, we’ve got to stick with little tricks that help us optimise luggage space and help with luggage organisation.

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