Pandora’s Garden: Homemade Jägermeister Pate At SG’s First Rosé Wine Garden In Ann Siang Hill

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “rosé all day”. In case you haven’t, perhaps you should have a go and give it a try, especially now that Singapore has its first rosé wine garden called Pandora’s Garden in Ann Siang Hill.

It’s not visible from the main street, but with its unmissable neon sign, you’ll soon find yourself climbing up to Ann Siang House’s rooftop terrace. The space is adorned with lawn chairs, complete with a frangipani tree as the garden’s centrepiece.

Besides rosé, of course, Pandora’s Garden has a selection of beers and cocktails, but honestly, it is teeming with an array of rosé that it’d be a shame to waste your alcohol allowance on anything else. One of the light and subtle fruity rosé you could order is the Domaines OTT by OTT (S$19 per glass, S$75 per bottle).

It’s from Provence in France and has a rich pink-orange hue. Expect sweet notes of peach and apricot, complete with a slightly tangy finish. I found it a relatively easy tipple to start with.

If you’re a sucker for branding and pretty bottles, the La La Land Rosé 2017 (S$17 per glass, S$77 per bottle) will surely catch your attention. This drink was a lot drier than the previous glass, but it also had a pronounced rich berry flavour, coupled with traces of toffee.

I was glad that the drink matched up to the art on the bottle; the Alice in Wonderland-inspired label definitely would tempt me to not only purchase an entire bottle but also to finish the whole thing.

This light red bottle is the Bach Vina Extrisima Rosado (S$12 per glass, S$41 per bottle). Easy on the wallet, it’s also easy on the palate. It was effortless to drink, in spite of its potent raspberry aroma that was both tart and sweet.

Taste-wise, it tasted of bittersweet berries, finished with a very light — almost watered-down —grapey hint. I wouldn’t particularly order this again, but only because it didn’t excite my senses much.

The Château Cavalier (S$17 per glass, S$70 per bottle) is also another selection from Provence, France. Its deep orange colour hinted at what to expect the moment I took a whiff; it had an overpowering spiciness on the nose, while the taste leaned more towards raspberry and other citrus fruits.

I would suggest those who enjoy a robust drink, go for this one.

Although their food menu isn’t extensive, it has been thought out to complement the drink selection available. The cheese platters differ depending on whether you prefer more cheeses or more cold cuts. We went for the Mixed Cheese & Cold Cuts Platter (S$25) that serves up to two people, and there was already plenty.

I was impressed with the variety of cheeses and cold cuts, but I do wish that they’d provide more crackers (or even bread) to pair with the platter. The types of cheeses and cold cuts are rotational and differ based on what’s available for the day. Overall, it was an average serving and nothing extraordinary in my books.

One of the more unique dishes to try is the Homemade Jägermeister Pâté (S$15), served with homemade chutney and artisanal bread. Aesthetically, it didn’t look appetising, with its pale grey crumbly exterior.

I’m not a fan of Jägermeister, but this pâté was surprisingly pleasant. It tasted like a mild version of liver, with only a subtle hint of Jägermeister towards the end of a bite. The texture was interesting though; crumbly on the first chew, before melting into a smooth paste. I could get behind this novel dish.

Those looking for a new watering hole, Pandora’s Garden is an ideal laid-back spot that feels cosy. An added bonus, of course, for those who are particularly partial to rosé wine, given the wide variety of bottles you can choose from.

I for one wouldn’t return, solely because rosé wine isn’t my choice of drink, and I already have a list of personal favourite haunts that have served me well for some time now. But if rosé wine floats your boat, then please drink up and rosé all day as you please!

Expected damage: S$20 – S$35 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Pandora's Garden

28 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069708

Our Rating 3/5

Pandora's Garden

28 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069708

Telephone: +65 97239372
Operating Hours: (Tues to Sat) 5pm - 12am, (Sun & Mon) Closed
Telephone: +65 97239372

Operating Hours: (Tues to Sat) 5pm - 12am, (Sun & Mon) Closed
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