PAPAPENG Launches New Potato Chips With Hae Bee Hiam Dipping Sauce Available At Various Pop-Up Stalls

If you happen to be a fan of spicy chips or even anything with the mildest of spice, here’s one to fire things up.

Papapeng Hae Bee Hiam Potato Chips Online 4

Local brand PAPAPENG recently launched a quirky snack, Potato Chips with Hae Bee Hiam Dipping Sauce.

From now till 3 February 2019, the one-of-a-kind treat will be sold at pop-up stalls at the atriums of TANGS, Vivocity and Marina Square, as well as their online store.

Papapeng Hae Bee Hiam Potato Chips Online 2

PAPAPENG’s Chip And Dip (S$8) features a unique take on the couch snack, with an unorthodox dipping sauce made of hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimp paste).

We’re thinking this could be a huge hit if they’ve nailed that punchy sauce, otherwise it might be an awkward miss.

Papapeng Hae Bee Hiam Potato Chips Online 1

The aesthetic packaging makes it easy to chomp them on-the-go, with the lightly salted chips nestled in a box with the hae bee hiam dipping sauce placed carefully at the corner.

At the moment they’ve only got one item up for grabs but we aren’t too fussed about options. They’ve courageously taken the step to rocket into the market with this local-inspired flavour and we’re pumped for what’s to come for PAPAPENG.

For now, I’m off to munch on chips so don’t mind me!

Dates & Times: From now till 3 February 2019, 10am – 10pm. (Available at Vivocity Atrium, Marina Square Atrium and TANGS Plaza)

Prices: S$8 per box, S$15 for two boxes

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