Huge pasar malam in Yishun with 7 rows of food & drink stalls

Over the last few months, we have seen night markets in Singapore returning with a vengeance. I had the chance to visit the pasar malam that has just landed in Yishun and  will be going on till 2 October 2022.

The pasar malam occupies the large green field that’s directly located outside Yishun MRT station, and the first thing that caught my eye was the huge LED signboard displaying “FOOD STREET 美食街”.

yishun pasar malam - exterior

As I proceeded inside, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of F&B stalls which were present in every direction— it was hugeeeeee! There were seven rows of stalls selling every kind of pasar malam food and drink you could think of.

yishun pasar malam - COIN lah

The first stall that piqued my curiosity was COIN lah. They were selling Mini Coin Pratas (S$3 for 5 pieces) which came with a free sauce. There were 10 different kinds of sauces and toppings to choose from. Amazing!

yishun pasar malam - mala skewers

If you’re obsessed with mala, you got to head over to the Mala Skewer stall, but be prepared to queue for a while.

There were Classic Skewers (S$2) which included options like pork collar, cuttlefish ball and cheese tofu, Veggies & Soy Skewers (S$1.20), Signature Skewers (S$2.50) (choices like pork roll with enoki and handmade niang tau foo) and All Time Fav Skewers (S$1.50), which had selections like king oyster and broccoli.

yishun pasar malam - mala cooking

You can either have them served in soup or have them fried, and also choose your condiments and sauces to go with it. You can even pair them with Noodles (S$2) with varieties like sweet potato, spinach and buckwheat.

yishun pasar malam - beignets

I’ve recently seen Halal Beignets on TikTok and I was glad to find them here. The french donuts came in flavours like Ovaltine, salted caramel and nutella (S$4 for 1, S$14 for 4). I tried the peanut butter jelly flavour and it tasted like my favourite Smucker’s Goober peanut butter & grape jelly stripes spread which I had as a kid— nostalgic indeed!

yishun pasar malam - rishqy's corner

Rishqy’s Corner had pancakes that reminded me of martabak manis that I had on the streets of Jakarta. There were nutella varieties like Biscoftella (S$12) and Oreotella (S$11), and much more.

yishun pasar malam - siam kitchen

If you’re looking for something heavier as a meal, look out for Siam Thailand Food located near the main path at the entrance. Get your Thai food cravings fixed with their Tom Yam Soup Seafood (S$7), Phad Thai Chicken (S$6) and Thai Basil Pork Rice (S$6).

yishun pasar malam - old school snacks

If you’re a traditionalist, fret not! The Yishun pasar malam also has tons of old-school snacks such as vadeh, fishballs, kueh tutu, lekor and much more. I even spotted several ramly burger stalls (only one stall had a queue though).

There’s just too much to eat and drink here. I’ll leave the rest for you guys to discover yourselves, so go on, have fun!

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