Pluck: Singapore Bar Bistro Review

“Cheeky classic food”

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The guys at Pluck are pretty known for their unpretentious food and subtly potent cocktails, so imagine our delight when we received our invitation to Pluck’s one year anniversary party, we couldn’t wait. The day comes, we eagerly made our way down and mentally prepare ourselves for a plucking good time – whatever that means, we were excited to find out.

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Located at the thirst quenching Club Street, Pluck is an extremely understated dining place. The exterior is simple and so is its interior, the theme or rather the lack thereof, provides you with a hint of how down to earth Pluck is. We like how exposed everything is (the kitchen of course), making you feel closer to the good people feeding you but we wished there would be more seated tables.

For the anniversary party, Pluck fed us with their newly put together lunch menu. All lunch meals are at $13++ and includes a choice of juice, soft drink, coffee or tea.

pluck singapore Glorified Hipster Fast Food

Glorified Hipster Fast Food ($13++). Glorified and hipster in the same word ? We can feel hipsters shooting dagger stares at us already. The buttered brioche bun sandwiching the tender and full-flavoured, juicy house-made burger patty – any body would approve, hipsters or not. The patty wasn’t overcooked, retaining its’ juices and the red leicester cheese added this tinge of burnt caramel taste to it. Glorified indeed.

pluck singapore mac and cheese

Eat your stress away ($13++). Tastes exactly like how a good serving of mac and cheese should be – creamy, gooey and that perfect cheese consistency but what really stood out was Pluck’s special cheese crumble. Crumble, usually found in desserts, surprisingly works for this main dish here.

The crumble gave the dish added slight crunchy textures without overpowering the gooey mixture beneath it and doesn’t make you feel too overwhelmed like how a typical mac and cheese would. Delicious and fun to eat, the only stress is probably how to limit yourself to just one serving.

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Junk Food Inspired Toasties ($13++). These house-made toasties came with crispy bread which complemented it’s somewhat softer fillings. The fillings consisted of grilled bone marrow, onion and cheese.

The one I had probably had more onions than anything else because it was on the sweeter side and dominated the grilled bone marrow and cheese.

pluck singapore See-Food Diet

See-Food Diet ($13++). This one here is a little tricky, the chefs would batter and deep-fry whatever seafood the can find in the kitchen so you’ll have to ask their team of sexy and fun loving staff what’s the catch of the day. I had the battered red snapper. The fish was fresh albeit being covered in a slightly oily, golden brown crust.

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If you missed breakfast ($13++). Who doesn’t love brunch ? Pluck’s rendition of brunch comes in a form of stacking bacon, roasted vegetables, sausage and chef’s choice of eggs on brioche. The lightly salted roasted vegetables ensures that the serving is well balanced. Enjoyable and hits all the right note.

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Yeah Right “Healthy” Salad ($13++). If by any chance you’re on a diet and looking to go healthy with a nice serving of salad, do not and I repeat, do not order this.

Pluck’s cheeky rendition of the ‘salad’ means its anything but healthy – the combination of watercress salad, rocket, cherry tomatoes, smoked duck breast, bone marrow, lard0 and 500 calories dressing resulted in a fragrant and very substantial salad, I polished everything off before realising that the yummy, chewy thing was probably lard0. Oh my, rightfully wrong and wrongfully right.

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pluck singapore-5573 George Clooney ($22). Not the handsome fella, the cocktail. Smokey, sexily bronze colored and packs a (strong) punch, exactly like what I’ve imagined George Clooney to be.

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Chef Brandon truly manages to encapsulate comfort food with a twist and I’m pretty sure his personal beliefs are what that is ensuring diners having a pretty good plucking time every time they’re at Pluck.

Expected Damage: $15 – $30

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Pluck: 90 Club Street, Singapore 069485 | Tel: 6225 8286 | Website