Pokka’s New Cookies & Cream Milk Now Available At 7-Eleven Singapore


Ready for a blast from the past, all in one bottle? I’m not sure how many of you enjoyed the cookies & cream-flavoured bubble tea from standalone bubble tea shops in the past, but I used to buy myself at least a cup per week with my savings when I was in primary school. 

As a kid, you could never go wrong with cookies & cream. It was (and still is) one of those flavours you’re easily able to appreciate in many different desserts—from a creamy milkshake to a rich, decadent Oreo cheesecake. With the drink industry coming up with more interesting milk flavours, it’s not long before a cookies & cream-flavoured beverage came onto the market. 

When 7-Eleven Singapore introduced Pokka’s new Cookies & Cream Milk, I just knew I had to give it a try. I’ve been a big fan of Pokka since young, so this proved to be a chance to support them while sipping on a refreshing drink. 

Cookies And Cream Milk Pokka 7 Eleven Singapore June 2020

Supposedly made with cookies, cream and milk, this drink retails at S$2.70 per bottle and is sold exclusively at 7-Eleven. On 7-Eleven’s recent Facebook post promoting the Cookies & Cream Milk, they mentioned that there are no preservatives used and that the beverage is low in fat. 

Packaged in Pokka’s trademark plastic bottle, the Cookies & Cream Milk wasn’t in the shade I was expecting. The packaging showcased Oreo cookies with cows grazing the grass in the background. It looked premium to me, but it might be because of the Japanese wording on the side. 

Cookies And Cream Milk Pokka 7 Eleven Singapore June 2020 2

When I first tried this drink, I was absolutely taken aback. I didn’t realise that the drink would be this sweet, seeing as it was marketed as low fat. However, it immediately brought me back to my primary school days, drinking Cookies & Cream bubble tea after a long day at school.

It brought back a sense of nostalgia, and made me think of all the memories I had with my friends when we used to drink bubble tea together. 

Cookies And Cream Milk Pokka 7 Eleven Singapore June 2020 3

Sure, it might be a little sweet but it wasn’t cloying to me. It did taste a little sugary, much like sweet syrup. I do feel that people have different levels of tolerance when it comes to sweet food and drinks though, so please be careful not to drink more of this drink than you should. 

For fellow cookie monsters like me, why not try this drink and let us know what you think? Head down to the nearest 7-Eleven outlet to pick this Cookies & Cream Milk up for a taste. 

Dates & Times: Now available at 7-Eleven outlets

Price: S$2.70 per bottle