The new Pomelo x HARIBO collection is too adorable for words

Tell me you’re from a food publication without telling me you’re from a food publication. The answer is simple; you’ll be decked out top to toe in the new Pomelo x HARIBO collection.  You know HARIBO, the brand behind the iconic gummy bears that have been an integral part of most childhoods. This 23-piece collection ranges from girly sweaters to comfy T-shirts to breezy sundresses.

Blue Cardigan Pomelo X Haribo Collection 5
Credit – Pomelo

Look, I’m not saying that I’m a sucker for merchandise or some kind of pop-culture fiend, but the this Haribo Gummy Button Up Cardigan (S$49) is hard to resist. It’s an adorable blue fuzzy sweater, and the buttons are made up of little Haribo gummies—need I say more? (It comes in yellow too.)

Yes, a sweater might be insane in this weather so don the Haribo Graphic Print Short Sleeve Tee (S$24) instead. That way, everyone will know of your loyalty to the German candy brand. After all, what screams 2021 more than a quirky name-brand T-shirt with a familiar childhood candy?

Graphic Print umbrella Pomelo X Haribo Collection 7
Credit – Pomelo

Then, to show that your heart truly beats for Haribo gummy bears, shade yourself from the sun with this vibrant Haribo Graphic Print Umbrella (S$29). From which you’ll pull out from your trusty Haribo Graphic Print Tote bag (S$24), so no one will ever doubt your undying loyalty to the food brand now.

Oversized Graphic print tee Pomelo X Haribo Collection 6
Credit – Pomelo

Too much, you say? Fine, then keep things simple with this Haribo Oversized Graphic Print Tee (S$34), because one can never have too many graphic T-shirts in my opinion. By now, you can probably tell that I am indeed a pop culture fiend and food-related drops haven got me wrapped around their fingers.

If you need any other ways to let people know you’re a foodie without actually saying it, try your hand at these shirts from Sidersonline. This Pomelo x HARIBO collection is available now in Pomelo stores and online, so shop away.