These local tees from Sidersonline make the perfect gift for foodies

It’s that time of the year again. Buying new clothes for Chinese New Year isn’t all that merry an affair, especially for one as painfully lazy as myself. If possible, I’d happily pick out any red T-shirt from my wardrobe and show up to family gatherings, chirpy as all heck. Alas, there are standards and traditions to uphold, and dressing comfortable just wouldn’t cut it. In a timely fashion, homegrown apparel brand Sidersonline catches my eye, just before I slip into a sleeveless dri-fit top and a dusty pair of Havaianas, awaiting fierce chidings from my mother.

Started in 2018, this online-based store promises a slew of unique in-house designs which come inspired by all things local. And of course, nothing screams Singapore like food. Whilst I’m no Coco Chanel, these food-themed fashion products are something I can get behind. 

 Hell Panda Oversized Tee In White from Sidersonline

There’s the Hell Panda Oversized Tee In White (S$29.90), an adorable homage to a childhood favourite snack of mine—Hello Panda. The biscuit’s iconic packaging finds itself on Sidersonline’s cotton T-shirts, which promise more than just a novel design.

Each of their tees comes decked out in heavyweight fabric and various sizing options from S to XL. Anyone can pull this piece off, and it’ll sure be a fantastic conversation starter. After all, who doesn’t recognise the Meiji chocolate-filled biscuits?

Fish Fillet Oversized Tee In Rust from slidersonline

In another snack-themed release, there’s the Fish Fillet Oversized Tee In Rust (S$29.90). This one boasts a touch of nostalgia from illustrations of the Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet snack. My encounters with the fishy strips aren’t all fond, as memories of classmates ripping open a packet and stinking up the classroom come to mind. Nonetheless, it remains wholly iconic for most, Dahfa lover or not. 

Moving away from the T-shirt side of things, here’s a Sidersonline bag option that proves equally fitting for all the foodies out there. And let’s face it, who isn’t one in this little red dot? I can go on to wax lyrical and proclaim my love for piping hot bowls of instant noodles, but I’d let this tote do all the talking. 

Money In Shopper Tote from Slidersonline

The Money In Shopper Tote (S$33.90) employs designs from packets of Nissin noodles. Any Maggi aficionado would know of this product, and you can sus them out when they comment on your bag at the next family reunion.

Date & Time: Available at Sidersonline here while stocks last

Prices: S$29.90 for T-shirts, S$33.90 for tote bags