6 types of prenatal classes to embark on for a healthy pregnancy

I love exercising. I run, I dance, I do muay thai, and swim almost on a daily basis. Yes, that’s how active I am. But ever since I got pregnant, my fitness world seemed to come to a standstill. I was under a strict ‘No vigorous activities’ rule during my first trimester and all I could only do for the entire three months was to go for short walks and swims. It was torture.

That’s probably why I was jumping with joy after my gynaecologist cleared all my tests and scans at the start of my second trimester. “Finally, I have been issued the passport to go back to exercising,” I thought to myself. Well, us preggies might have a whole lot of restrictions when it comes to physical activities, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to be confined at home with our ever-growing bellies. 

Like me, if you are looking to keep active (which is a must) during this crucial period of your life, here are 6 types of prenatal classes that you can embark on for an active and healthy pregnancy. 

1. Yoga

Prenatal yoga is often the most common choice of exercise by expectant mums and is an excellent way to keep your mental and physical health in check throughout the entire nine months of your pregnancy. 

Yoga Inc Studio at Punggol

Not only do you get to tone your body, but stretching also helps ease the labour process and relieves you from common pregnancy problems like backaches. 

My personal recommendation is definitely Yoga Inc. (S$40 for a prenatal single class, S$180 for prenatal five classes), the studio which I have been attending since the start of the 18th week of my pregnancy. 

Pregnant woman in a yoga studio

What I found to be really useful throughout my one-hour session are the different breathing techniques that I’ve learnt to help me relax and keep calm. This I’m pretty sure will come in handy and play a significant role one way or another during my labour process.

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2. Pilates

Aimed at strengthening your pelvic floor and back muscles, thereby reducing muscle and skeletal imbalances that result from a growing girth, pilates is a wholesome exercise that not only benefits you during your pregnancy but also after your labour. 

A pregnant lady and her partner doing prenatal pilates

Whilst most prenatal classes are catered only for mothers-to-be, Pilates Fitness has in place a special Couple Prenatal Pilates Class (S$320 for four classes per couple, S$176 for four classes per pax) that not only benefits your pregnancy but also allows for an opportunity to bond with your significant other.

With different weekly focus throughout the entire four sessions, not only will you feel stronger, you will also be more relaxed with all the tension being released through various stretch exercises. So, why not make your weekly pilates twice as fun at Pilates Fitness?

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3. Spin

Running aside, spin classes have got to my favourite type of cardio exercise pre-pregnancy. Pregnant spin maniacs can now look forward to an exciting form of spin in the water with Aqua Spin

Aqua spin class with an instructor cheering on his students

Here, Aqua spin uses the resistance of water to help you break a sweat. Since you will be cycling on a stationary bike that is submerged in water, you won’t have to worry about hurting yourself (or the baby) as the buoyancy of the water will help absorb the added weight, reducing any strain on your hips, knees and even your ankles. 

Said to be good for promoting blood circulation in the body, this exercise not only helps in reducing water retention in your limbs but also prevents the formation of those ugly looking varicose veins all we pregnant women are at risk of getting.

An aqua spin class going on in the pool

Although there are no specific prenatal classes at Aqua Spin, you can take a class up to four weeks before your due date, just be reminded to let your instructors know before you start your workout and always listen to your body. 

Are you a first-timer? Then, why not check out their Intro Week (S$60) package? For just S$60, you can try up to three of their programs during the validity period of seven days. 

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4. Fitness Workout

Created to touch women’s lives and inspire them to be at their best, Mom In Balance offers outdoor workouts to women at all phases of their lives. 

Two pregnant ladies doing tricep dips in the park

Designed especially for the pregnant body, their Pregnant Workouts (S$150 for once a week membership, S$200 for unlimited membership) are developed in collaboration with the best gynaecologist and pelvic floor therapists to suit your prenatal fitness needs.

A group of pregnant ladies attending a prenatal fitness class

Bask under the sun and breathe in the fresh air as your workouts will be led and supervised by expert trainers outdoors around areas such as the Botanic Garden, East Coast Park and Fort Canning Park. While exercising, don’t forget to take the time to bond with all the other preggies alike by exchanging experiences on your pregnancy journey.

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5. Swimming

For a less intense aqua activity, check out Inspire Mum & Baby’s Aqua Pregnancy (S$200 for five sessions, S$350 for 10 sessions, S$600 for 20 sessions, S$1,080 for 40 sessions), a prenatal workout that prioritizes the lengthening of lower back and simultaneous toning of the pelvic ligaments and leg muscles. 

Prenatal Classes Online Swim 1

Whilst rolling and looping hip movements will help to open your hips while lengthening the spine on land, practising these exercises in the water are not only less stressful on your pregnant body but also helps to relieve back discomforts caused by the expansion of your womb. 

A pregant lady attending a pregnancy swim class

Floating on water is also a form of relaxation that aids in preparing your body and mind for birth. Through the therapeutic and supportive nature of water, you can stretch and breathe far beyond your capabilities and as a result, feel the positive calming effects more significantly.

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6. Personal Training

If you prefer one-on-one guidance by an award-winning certified trainer, Donna O’shea Fitness is your answer. 

A personal training session with a personal trainer

Having worked with mothers to be with high-risk pregnancies, anaemia and gestational diabetes, Donna is an experienced pre- and postnatal exercise expert who will personalise an appropriate fitness program based on your body condition and needs. 

A personal trainer in the gym doing her exercises

Known for her warm and friendly attitude, Donna’s fitness sessions are kept interesting with the use of different forms of exercises and equipment such as stability balls, resistance bands and step boxes. 

Her training sessions are suitable for pregnant women at all trimesters and each session starts at S$130 for an hour. For more information, do check out her website for details.

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With the variety of exercises available, no longer can we complain that there are no activities for us to do while we are pregnant. If you do not have a gym at your disposal, why not consider these classes? 

After all, prenatal exercise not only helps in ensuring that you remain healthy throughout the nine months, it also aids in whipping you back in shape after labour. Now, this is what I call a win-win situation.

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