Prosperity Burger, McDonald’s — She’s back.

In a world caught in the thick of a pandemic, little everyday moments of joy are what we cling onto ever so dearly. As so many of our lives come under siege and plagued by a flurry of uncertainty, it is those constants which keep us sane and optimistic. 

beef prosperity burger
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

All this for a fast-food burger? Damn right. Let’s not kid ourselves, we know where this is going. This isn’t the first appearance which the iconic Chinese New Year release has hit our local menus. For that, we go back to 1994. Who knew a humble combination of potent black pepper sauce, sliced onions and grilled meat between sesame seed buns would go on to represent arguably one of the biggest events of the year? Well, 27 years later, that’s exactly where we are. So let me, for what I hope to be many years to come, introduce to you the Prosperity Burger from McDonald’s Singapore, the 2021 edition.

double chicken prosperity burger
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

28 January 2021 is the date to pin down because that’s when she makes her long-awaited and much-desired return. Yes, her buns are fluffy, her sauce is sweat-inducing, and she comes in chicken and beef. It’s a recipe that hasn’t changed and don’t you dare ever change. Many have had it, but for those who’ve yet to be blessed, cancel all appointments and go down first thing in the day to get a double. 

prosperity twister fries
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Just as Batman needs Alfred, the Prosperity Burger (S$5.70 for single, S$7.70 for double) arrives at the gala dressed in a seductive pile of Prosperity Twister Fries (S$3.90 for medium ala-carte, S$0.70 top-up for an upgrade). It’s a thoroughly cruel move on McDonald’s part, rationing out these curly morsels a measly once a year. Though that is probably why we love it so much to begin with, as it joins the ranks of the seaweed shaker fries and McGriddles.

prosperity feast with burger, peach pie, and peach mcfizz
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

As with all things McDonald’s, a release of the Prosperity Burger is rarely simple. In what seems to be an ever-changing seasonal menu, peach is the theme for the dessert side of things. Gorge on a Peach Pie (S$1.40) or sip on a Peach McFizz (S$3.40), pick your poison. My advice? Spring for the Prosperity Feast (S$10.40) to receive the works. 

mcdonalds limited edition red packet
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

The food nearly makes me forget about the occasion, but I’m swiftly reminded by an array of McDonald’s Limited Edition 2021 Red Packets which come with every purchase of the Prosperity Feast. Save these ones for the special few in your family, and use e-angbaos for the rest, because, you know, save the trees and all. 

I’d wish you a happy new year, but I’ll probably be too busy in line for a Prosperity Burger myself.

Date & time: Available in stores islandwide from 28 January onwards

Price: S$5.70 for Prosperity Burger, S$3.90 for Twister Fries, S$10.40 for Prosperity Feast