5 Reasons Quandoo Makes Restaurant Reservations in Singapore So Easy

Quandoo restaurant reservation singapore

Having trouble reserving a table at your favourite restaurant? Fret not because Quandoo offers a platform for you to find restaurants and make reservations in the easiest way possible.

Since their inception, they have seated over 40 million guests in over 17,000 restaurants worldwide. Whether you are in Europe, Asia Pacific or other International countries, Quandoo is guaranteed to find you a spot.

Here’s why you should be making reservations with this international restaurant reservation brand:

1. Make Reservations Around the World & Rake Up Loyalty Points


Quandoo serves as a global gateway for international diners, with operations in 360 cities across 16 different countries. For every successful reservation, diners can stand to earn loyalty points which can be accumulated over time from various restaurants around the world.

The best part is, you will be able to redeem and collect the loyalty points you’ve earned from any of the 16 countries mentioned above. So far, over 89 million points have been awarded in Singapore.

2. Redeem $15 Cashback For Every 1000 Loyalty Points


Another incentive of Quandoo’s loyalty program is the $15 cashback directly deposited into your bank account whenever you accumulate 1000 points. These points are earned when you book through Quandoo with any of their 1000+ restaurants in Singapore.

For first timers, enjoy 400 free welcome points just by signing up.

Loyalty points can be collected by:

  • Sign up (400 points)
  • Booking via Quandoo (100 points)
  • Invite friends >> successful reservation (250 points)
  • Restaurant Review (25 points)

 3. Easily Find All The Restaurants You Love 


At Quandoo, finding all the restaurants you love is simple. Users are provided with an optimised profile of the restaurants they search for online.

With meaningful content that displays price ranges, reviews, rating scores and top lists for various cuisines, you will be able to gather all the information you need to choose an ideal restaurant. Excerpts from the menu of each restaurant also come with high resolution pictures of the dishes they offer.

To make reservations at the restaurants of your choice, all you have to do is use the booking widget on Quandoo’s website portal or their mobile app. Confirmations for bookings are received almost instantly.

4. User Review System


A unique review system is also available for users who want to check out the opinions of other customers who have dined at the restaurant. Along with qualified reviews, score ratings will also be reflected at the left hand corner, indicating how well-received the restaurant is.

Since the restaurants can only be reviewed by diners who have actually eaten there, be rest assured that they are genuine. Quandoo has seen roughly 1,800 new reviews every month.

5. Food Trends From Around The World Brought To You


With Quandoo, diners can keep up to date with food trends from all around the world. Weekly updates of the latest restaurants in Singapore will be posted on their site as soon as it is made known. Seasonal menus and events are also promoted from time to time.

In addition, diners can select from a wide range of categories that Quandoo has provided, ranging from local favourites to Michelin-starred gourmet restaurants. Quandoo also features a list of Top 10s restaurants for users looking to find specific kinds of restaurants.


With 60,000 subscribers locally, Quandoo is quickly becoming the world’s leading restaurant reservation platform. In Singapore alone, they have seated an average of 124 diners per restaurant each month and have partnered with +1000 restaurants.

So what are you waiting for? Give Quandoo a shot if you want to enjoy better dining experiences today.

Here are some stellar restaurants in Singapore you can book with Quandoo:

Quandoo Book A Table

*This article is brought to you in partnership with Quandoo

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