Long Bar steakhouse’s Tomahawk steak offer October 2015

The Tomahawk has landed.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where it is all hype and the food fails to deliver? While we love to check out the latest and newest restaurants, there are plenty of restaurants in Singapore that withstand the test of time and still hold strong today amidst a sea of competition – even with waves after waves of new challenger.

The charm of Raffles Hotel needs no introduction to Singaporeans and foreigners alike, but if you are ready to discover the charm of the Long Bar Steakhouse and their last tomahawk steak offer, read on…

Raffles Hotel | Longbar Steakhouse

For the uninitiated, Long Bar Steakhouse might look a little daunting to the first timer. “Is it exclusively for guest only?”, “Is it snobby and snotty – both at the same time?”, “Is it a upper-class restaurant that is too stiff and quiet?” or “Is it really, really expensive?”.

To my pleasant surprise, its really an all inclusive restaurant – be it for a family and friends gathering, or to spring that romantic surprise on your significant others (with a elegant & charming setting).

There are no hard dress code restrictions (although covered shoes are required) and I heard laughters and giggles from other tables. Feels like a place that one can be relaxed after a long day and be well taken care of by the friendly and approachable crew that one can expect from Raffles Hotel’s international standing.  There is a menu outside the restaurant to review the menu prices as well, so there are no surprises afterwards.

Raffles Hotel | Longbar Steakhouse

Helmed by Mauritius-born, Chef de Cuisine Kenny Chung, he cheerfully introduced himself and introduced the menu for the night. Chef wants to highlight the october Special – a big-ass 1.7kg Tomahawk Steak!

Chef Kenny specially sourced and flew over from Southern Australia, a gigantic grain-fed tomahawk with a higher marbling compared to grass-fed versions, which would also melt more delightfully in the mouth.

This is a time limited special just for October 2015 (and whilst stock last!).

Raffles Hotel | Longbar Steakhouse

What follows is two impressive slabs of rib meat still on-the-bone as shown by Chef Kenny. He explains that good meat should be simply seasoned with just salt and pepper to bring out the full and real flavour of the meat.

No other sauces required.  He further explains his technique of grilling each side for 5 minutes to sear the steak, then pops it into a convection oven to cook the meat evenly, before finishing in a old-school pizza oven to allow it to form the perfect outer crust. Through this process the steak’s center remains juicy.

Raffles Hotel | Longbar Steakhouse

Just look at the thickness of the Tomahawk – 2 inches of thick, fatty Australian Angus beef right here waiting! With the shape of the steak on bone, I now know why it is named the Tomahawk, after the native American’s axe which has a similar shape.

Raffles Hotel | Longbar Steakhouse

Long bar steakhouse serves up a good starter of soft and fluffy Cumin Focaccia bread with frangrant olive bits. Me and my table liked the smooth butter a lot.

Raffles Hotel | Longbar Steakhouse

The Long Bar Steakhouse’s Sampler of Dungeness Crab Cake (my favourite!), Seared Scallop and Scottish Smoked Salmon is a great perk-me-up to tease the palate.

Do order a glass of crisp white wine to go with the appetiser, as the lightly dressed and pan-seared seafood tastes better with white than with red wine (tannins could dull your ability to taste the sweetness and freshness of seafood).

Raffles Hotel | Longbar Steakhouse

Special mention on the three sides dishes – the aromatic French Fries with Truffle Salt is quite the star – the smell of truffle already perfumed the table, particularly when paired with the truffle mayonnaise as well.

Followed up with a plate of lovely greens of Sautéed Broccolini – cooked through but still retains the crunch and the Macaroni “Zita” with Comté Cheese. These 3 sides are a winning combination, but eat it while its hot!

Raffles Hotel | Longbar Steakhouse

The real star is of course the monstrous, 1.7kg Tomahawk Australian Angus steak! It is an unpretentious piece of real meat, perfectly cooked to win hearts and mind.

While sauces are not required, a variety of mustards are available for those who like an additional kick.  No one on my table asked for any sauces as well as testimony to how sublime the quality of the steak is.

Raffles Hotel | Longbar Steakhouse

Chef Kenny further reveal the need for the steak to rest, for the juice to be properly retained and circulated within the steak, before slicing it to be served.

Raffles Hotel | Longbar Steakhouse

While Cheese Cake with a Raspberry Sorbet is a predictable dessert to a steak dinner, it is light and delightful. Not the overly fluffy type, and neither the overly dense.

I would say it is done just right for a sweet ending with a balanced amount of mixed berries.

But that’s precisely the charm of Long Bar: It is predictably good. Classic. Stands the test of time.

Again and again. If the tasting is on a Friday, I would have finished off the meal with a Singapore Sling but a Raffles Blend Coffee or the house selection of fine tea would be more appropriate for work the next day.

Last but not least, we would like to, again, thank the PR Marcomm team at Raffles Singapore for having us.

Damage: $265++ (1.7kg Tomahawk Special). For October 2015 only, before the Tomahawk flys away.

Long Bar Steakhouse at Level 2, Raffles Hotel Arcade at Raffles Singapore, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673 | Website