7 Reasons an Online Nursing Degree Should Be Your Next Step

It’s probable that you’ll have at least a vague understanding of what a nurse is and what they do. You might know this through the media, through personal experience, or you might even know a nurse who has often told you stories about their work. All of this could have combined to make you think you would like to be a nurse too, and this is an excellent choice; there are few things as rewarding as being a nurse, and with good pay and plenty of career enhancement and advancement available, it could be a job for life that really makes a difference to you and your family.

The thing that might be stopping you, especially if you are coming to the idea of nursing later in life, although it can be an issue no matter what your age, background, or current experience might be, is the training. Nursing is not something you can learn entirely while working (although this will account for some of the training). It’s not as if you can apply for a job at a true entry level and learn everything you need to know once you arrive for your first day. Nursing training is in-depth and there is a lot to learn; it needs to be completed outside of the nursing environment, and this is true whether you’re talking about initial training or additional online DNP programs.

The idea of having to go back to school, to take time away from work, to organize your life – and your family’s life – around your studies because you need to be in a certain place at a certain time is certainly going to be off-putting for some, and will make training to be a nurse impossible for others.

If this is the case, don’t worry. You can train to be a nurse by studying online. Although there will still be a practical element required, the bulk of the training can be done via the internet, saving you time, money, and inconvenience. The DNP programs you can find online are excellent, and will give you a legitimate qualification, so it does make a lot of sense. If you’re still not sure, here are some great reasons to take an online nursing degree to make your career goals a reality.

Much More Personal

Some students work well in specific settings. Some will enjoy being in a large lecture hall with a lot of other people, listening to one tutor and not interacting much at all. This can work out very well for many different degree subjects and for many different students. However, it’s definitely not something everyone likes. Some will feel overwhelmed being with so many people, and others will feel disconnected from the teaching.

When it comes to nursing, although physical schools do still teach in this way, it’s not necessarily the best option. Nursing is such a personal kind of career, one that requires true interaction between nurses and their patients, that it makes a lot of sense for the studying to reflect that personal touch. This is why an online nursing degree is a good idea, and whether you are starting out from high school and studying for your RN, or you’re gaining additional skills in online DNP programs, the teaching experience should be the same.

Online learning means you can have good access to your tutor through email or even online chats. You might be able to schedule video calls, depending on the course you are taking. All of this will help hugely, and will give you much more information than you would be able to pick up sitting in a big room listening to someone talk and not having the opportunity to ask any questions.

Studying for online DNP programs or other courses will give you a much more interactive and focused learning experience, tailoring the way you learn to the information you need to absorb. No matter how you like to learn – whether you are happy to digest the information yourself or you like to participate in group chats, or any other method of learning – online study will offer it to you.

Flexible and Convenient

One of the ultimate reasons why working towards online DNP programs and learning online should be your next step if the flexibility and convenience of it. If you can’t quit your job in order to go back to school full time at a brick-and-mortar college, this is no longer a problem. In the past it would have meant you couldn’t fulfil your dream of becoming a nurse, but now that is not even something you need to think about; online learning means you can work at your job so you don’t lose any money, and then study in your free time. If that is early in the morning, late at night, or only at weekends, then that’s not an issue – do what works for you.

Online DNP programs and other nursing qualifications are specifically designed to allow for flexible working. Nurses are needed, and the more qualified nurses the world has the better. So having the chance to study online and at your own pace, in your own time, means those who might not have been able to do so before can now study for a nursing job. It helps everyone and is extremely convenient.

It’s Accessible

No matter where you are in the world, you can learn online. You can choose any degree from any college and, as long as you have internet access and the means to pay for your education, you can learn. This has opened up the world of nursing to a great many people who would not otherwise have been able to study due to disabilities, family situations, or location.

This even means you can go traveling while you are studying to become a nurse and taking part in online DNP programs should you want to. The choice is yours because you are not locked into any specific classes at pre-determined times, and you don’t have to study in a particular place.

More Confidence

Some students – and people in general, of course – are introverts. This means they are less comfortable with the idea of attending a standard college. They don’t want to have to meet new people or make new friends. They don’t want to move away from home. They don’t want to go out and socialize; all they want to do is learn so they can enjoy the job of their dreams.

For these people, looking at online DNP programs is ideal. You can meet up with other people if you choose to, and you can have a good social life this way, but you certainly don’t have to, and you’ll never feel obligated to as you might at a traditional college.

An online degree will actually boost your confidence if you are an introvert, and help you to overcome some of these shy feelings, helping you to become an excellent nurse by the end of your studies. So not only is an online course perfect if you are less outgoing, but it can help you become more confident due to the specialist interaction and the fact that they can ask questions in a more private setting. All of this will add up to helping you become the nurse you want to be.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Online nursing degrees are a great choice for those just leaving high school who want to save costs or work part time while they are studying to be a nurse. However, these are not the only people who will benefit from learning online. Anyone who already has a nursing degree and is working as a nurse in any kind of setting, whether that’s in a hospital, in a clinic, in a school or prison, or privately, can benefit from additional studies taken online.

As with any career, nursing allows for a lot of career advancement. There are many different types and levels of nursing, and the higher you go, the more you will be paid and the more responsibility you will have. For those looking to advance their careers, taking online DNP programs can be the perfect option. They won’t have to take any time off work, so their careers won’t, ironically, suffer while they seek more qualifications, and they can work at their own convenience, so even when their job involves shift work, it won’t cause them to miss lectures and have to catch up – or miss out altogether.

If you like the idea of doing more in your nursing career but you always had to pause because you couldn’t take the time you needed to study, now you can. Plus, applying to online DNP programs will show your manager how dedicated you are to your nursing career, and this will put you in a positive light when it comes to promotion and job opportunities.

Cost Effective

We all know that education is expensive, and the higher you go, the more it costs. A nursing degree – and especially a secondary nursing degree such as a DNP – is often prohibitively expensive at a traditional college, and taking out loans to cover the cost can plunge people into serious debt right at the start of their careers. Although many will do this, others may not feel they can justify it. In that case, in the past they would have had to settle for a job that didn’t require a degree, and although that is not something to be ashamed of, if they truly wanted to be a nurse, they would always feel unsatisfied.

Online DNP programs and other nursing qualifications tend to be much more cost effective than traditional degrees. You can usually pay in installments if that suits you, or depending on the online DNP programs you have chosen, you might even be able to pay by class. You can manage your budget much better due to the variety of payment methods, and since the cost is lower than you might think due to online schools having fewer overheads, online learning may be the more affordable option. Remember, you won’t have to spend any money on commuting either, and that can save a lot, and neither will you need childcare. All in all, there are many savings to be had when studying online.

An Excellent Education

When online learning first came about, it was considered by many to just not be as good as traditional, classroom-based learning. There was certainly a stigma attached to it, and this meant that some who would have benefitted didn’t apply because they were worried it would hurt their chances of getting a job if they admitted to having an online degree.

Today things are different. It is clear that online courses offer an excellent education, and that employers will consider people with degrees from every legitimate college. Now there is no need to worry that, just because you have chosen to take online DNP programs instead of physical ones, you will be overlooked for the roles you are applying for, or that anyone is going to think you have less of an education.

Of course, just as with traditional colleges, there are good online schools and poor ones, and, just like with traditional colleges, it is the student’s responsibility to do their research before applying for a place at any college, online or offline, for any kind of degree.

Once you have done that research and you are happy with your choice, you can make a start. There should be nothing holding you back from getting the qualifications and then the career you have always dreamed of.

Final Thoughts

If you feel a calling to be a nurse or you want to advance your current nursing career, it can feel frustrating to find barriers in your way. If you consider online DNP programs and online nursing degrees, those barriers will fall away. With lower costs and more flexible learning, you can become a nurse or gain additional nursing qualifications no matter what your circumstances are.