8 Restaurants With Unique Amex Card Dining Privileges Every Singapore Foodie Needs To Know

Rejoice, American Express Card Members! From now till 30 November 2016, enjoy and redeem special dining privileges when you foot the bill with your Amex Card.

A whole world of dining adventure awaits that will delight every Singapore-based foodie, from cafe hoppers to fusion food lovers, and buffet buffs — this list will guide you to the best food stops around Singapore. Eat till your heart’s content without feeling the pinch in your pockets.

Without further ado, here are the eight restaurants every Amex Card Member needs to know, and look out for the additional dining offers that each participating restaurant has to offer.

1. Paddy Hills

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Paddy Hills is a cozy cafe in South Buona Vista Road, and you’ll absolutely have to make a trip down to the far West of our sunny island at least once in your lifetime because the food there is stellar.

With ample of sunlight flooding into the cafe, it felt like we were transported overseas to Bali or Australia, where you can drop your pace and enjoy a day of people watching while sipping on a cuppa and munching through a menu of creative fusion dishes.

The  Rice ($22), which consists of a plate of fragrant squid ink rice fried with garlic, generously drizzled over with mentaiko mayo, topped with a sous vide egg that you can crack and mix into the rice for even more creaminess. It is served with the PH fried chicken that has a slight kick of spiciness to compliment the rice.

Another noteworthy dish is the Ramen Risotto ($25) blanketed under a sheet of nori and decorated with a raw quail egg yolk. While its presentation is minimalist, the risotto is umami and lip smacking, consisting of a strong taste of miso, and Kurobuta pork slices that melt in your mouth. A unique western fusion to the regular Japanese ramen.

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Complete you meal with the Berry Muffcake ($20), which was arguably the highlight of our dining experience at Paddy Hills. The muffcake has the light density of a fluffy cake, and crispy on the outside just as a muffin should be.

The vanilla bean ice cream is served interestingly in squares poised atop the muffcakes, decorated and garnished with chocolate crumbs, pink milk, pumpkin seeds, edible flowers and mango flavoured magic balls that bursts upon sinking your teeth into it.

Enjoy 10% off your total bill at Paddy Hills when you pay with your Amex Card, and redeem a complimentary Truffle Fries ($15) when you upload a photo of your food, hashtag #AmexEats, and follow @paddyhills.sg on Instagram.

Paddy Hills: 38 South Buona Vista Road, Singapore 118164 | Tel: 6479 0800 | Facebook | Opening Hours: (Mon – Fri) 10:30am–5pm, 6–10pm, (Sat – Sun) 9am–5pm, 6–10pm

2. Earle Swensen’s

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A sister restaurant to Swensen’s, Earle Swensen’s has only two outlets in Singapore offering a wide assortment of dishes in its salad bar and premium mains that reflect its early beginnings in San Francisco.

The Charbroiled Hanger Steak ($28.90) is a unique cut of meat that comes from the stomach and liver area of the cow, making it slight meatier and gamier in texture, and robust in flavour that lingers longer in your mouth. It is best enjoyed medium-rare and paired with the mushroom or black pepper sauce that packs a punch of heat.

Enjoy 10% off your total bill at Earle Swensen’s when you pay with your Amex Card.

Earle Swensen’s: 3 Gateway Drive, #03-10/11,Westgate, Westgate Mall, Singapore 608532 | Tel: 6358 3859 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am – 10:30pm

3. Red Baron

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Tucked away in Gillman Barracks, Red Baron is run by the same folks as Artistry. Slightly smaller in size, the place is an intimate cafe and bakery by day and a bar by night.

While we were there, the Quinoa Goreng ($16) seen on almost every table during lunch hour, is quite evidently a favourite amongst working professionals who are a little health-conscious yet want the same hawker favourite taste.

The red quinoa gives the dish a deep earthy flavour and the spiciness from the sambal chilli adds a kick to every bite. Your taste buds will take delight in the different textures and tastes from the fresh prawn pieces, crunchy ikan bilis, chopped onion and juicy tomato chunks.

Enjoy 20% off your total bill at Red Baron when you pay with your Amex Card, and redeem a complimentary $10 dining voucher when you upload a photo of your meal, hashtag #AmexEats and follow @redbaronsg on Instagram.

Red Baron: 45 Malan Rd, Singapore 109455 (Gillman Barracks) | Tel: 6334 6734 | Website | Opening Hours: (Tue – Wed, Sun) 11am – 6pm, (Thu – Sat) 11am – 10pm

4. & why…

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Situated at Bali Lane, & why… is a 100% Muslim-owned certified by SMCCI hipster spot laced with wooden furnishings, bicycle, dried flowers and photo frames that come in handy as props for your Instagram food photos.

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The Crabmeat Pasta ($23) is served in a tangy tomato-based sauce, filled with  generous shreds of crabmeat, topped with a poached egg that thickens the sauce upon bursting the yolk, and garnished with salmon roe for an added briny flavour. Another Asian Western twist that works really well.

For a sweet ending to your meal, the Lavender Panna Cotta ($11) is complimentary for Amex card members when you upload a photo of your food, hashtag #AmexEats and follow @andwhyatbalilane on Instagram. Its texture is wonderfully soft, almost like slurping on a milk pudding, richly perfumed in the fragrance of lavender and roasted coconut.

Enjoy 1-for-1 selected mains at & why… when you pay with your Amex Card, and redeem a complimentary Lavender Panna Cotta ($11) when you upload a photo of your food, hashtag #AmexEats and follow @andwhyatbalilane on Instagram.

&Why Cafe: 31 Bali Lane, #01-01, Singapore 189867 | Tel: 6291 0993 | Facebook | Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Closed on Wednesday)

5. Maison Ikkoku Cocktail Bar

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Mac & Cheese Ball ($12) 

Maison Ikkoku reinvents your regular mac ‘n’ cheese, shaping the comfort food in a perfect sphere held in by a breaded crust. Each bite is made complete with a crunch, gooey strings of melted cheese, and bits of bacon within this ball of yum.

The Mini Nest, a petite version of The Nest ($28), is served in a shot glass and comes complimentary*, created with and for all egg lovers in mind. It consists of three layers — steamed free range eggs in the middle, melted cheese at the bottom of the shot glass, and finished with torched caramelised sugar on top.

Enjoy 50% off second Mac & Cheese Ball at Maison Ikkoku Cocktail Bar when you pay with your Amex Card, and redeem a *complimentary Mini Nest by sister outlet Fort by Maison Ikkoku when you upload a photo of your food, hashtag #AmexEats and follow @maisonikkokubar on Instagram.

Maison Ikkoku Cocktail Bar: Level 2, 20 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198885 | Tel: 6294 0078 | Website | Opening Hours: (Mon – Thur, Sun) 6pm – 1am, (Fri – Sat) 6pm – 2am

6. The Salon – Hotel Fort Canning

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A contemporary bistro with indoor and an al fresco seating area within Hotel Fort Canning, The Salon’s menu is inspired by Sir Stamford Raffles’ spice garden when he first made residence on the hill, comprising of an innovative fusion of both British and local fares.

The Fried Mee Siam with Boston Lobster ($24) is a lavish update to the everyday local Malay dish. Served dry without its familiar spicy soup, the bee hoon remains tangy and sharply acidic, opening up your appetite and tastebuds. The boston lobster adds a briny sweetness to the overall flavour of the dish.

Laksa Spaghetti ($18) is another must-try at The Salon, the laksa broth is served in a thick gravy, doused over the pasta, prawns and fried hard-boiled egg. The strips of cucumber and prawn roe gave each bite a crunchy texture to balance out the creamy spiciness of the dish.

Enjoy 10% off total your bill at The Salon when you pay with your Amex Card, and redeem a complimentary dessert when you upload a photo of your food, hashtag #AmexEats and follow @hotelfortcanning on Instagram.

The Salon – Hotel Fort Canning: 11 Canning Walk, Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore 178881 | Tel: 6799 8809 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 7am – 10:30pm

7. Spring Court Restaurant

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The oldest Chinese restaurant brand in Singapore, Spring Court prides itself in serving authentic Chinese cuisine encompassing nostalgic flavours of yesteryears.

Spring Court sets its Yam Ring ($32) apart from other competitors by making sure that the yam is thick enough to taste, while not being overpowered by the breaded crust, which has to be in the rightly balance to achieve the flamboyant ‘flare’. Apart from these, the vegetables remains juicy and the fresh prawns complete this classic masterpiece.

The *complimentary Popiah ($7.50) is a recipe passed down Mdm Soon’s (the daughter-in-law of Spring Court’s founder) mother. The fillings are cooked in a special broth of seafood mix, then generously wrapped in with sliced prawn, garoupa fillet chunks, fried egg, and other ingredients. For an added oomph to the taste, Hor Tee is added into the dish. It is a kind of dried seaweed with distinctive taste that is hand carried from Xiamen every few months.

It is by far the fattest Popiah I’ve seen served outside, apart from the ones I wrap myself at home.

Enjoy 15% off food items on à la carte menu at Spring Court Restaurant when you pay with your Amex Card, and redeem a *complimentary popiah when you upload a photo of your food, hashtag #AmexEats and follow @springcourtsg on Instagram.

Spring Court: 52-56 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058348 | Tel: 6449 5030 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 11am-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm

8. Kuishin Bo

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Nestled within the North Wing of Suntec City, Kuishin Bo is home to an impressive line of authentic Japanese cuisine. Indulge in fresh sashimi, sushi, yakitori and agemono, seafood, and dessert selections.

Apart from its seasonal items, Kuishin Bo refreshes the food varieties by introducing thematic delicacies, like the current summer dishes that fills up a section of its buffet line.

Our personal favourites are the Ginseng Scallop Porridge that reminds us of the comfort of home, the Paper Hot Pot which you can choose between miso or chicken broth, and the free flow of sweet, fresh Zuwaigani (Snow crabs).

One person enjoys a complimentary dinner buffet for every 3 paying adults from Mondays to Fridays when you pay with your Amex Card. In addition, redeem a complimentary Champagne Ikura Don when you upload a photo of your food, hashtag #AmexEats and follow @kuishinbo.sg on Instagram.

Kuishin Bo:1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-47/51 Jurong Point, Singapore 648886 |Tel: +65 6792 9286 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 11:30AM–3PM, 5:30–10PM

American Express Card Members can enjoy a bevy of unique dining privileges with these listed participating restaurant from now to 30 November 2016, and redeem a complimentary item when you hashtag your food photos with #AmexEats and follow the participating merchants on Instagram. Terms and conditions apply.

For more dining privileges, visit www.amex.co/eats.Not yet an Amex Card Member? Sign up here.


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