Sacha & Sons: Singapore Deli Review

“New York’s Iconic Deli in Singapore”

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It was the love for amazing New York deli food that led a husband and wife team to set up Sacha & Sons. And it seems that their customers share the same passion because in the months that follow, Sacha’s take on New York deli food has garnered a following of its own. The afternoon I was there, they had a steady stream of lunch time crowd, testament to its success.

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I did not quite get the appeal of bagels (or dense bread for that matter) until about 3 and a half years ago when I went to the US. There, I picked up heaps of bagels at a local bakery as fuel for a road trip. Those bagels paired simply with cream cheese; now I comprehend.

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The real star at Sacha & Sons are the bagels itself. There is a uniform crunch to the smooth and shiny exterior of the bagel and it crackles upon each bite. The interior is satisfyingly chewy with dense crumbs, while the sesame seed provides more contrast and that earthy finish. Carbohydrates always satisfies me.

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Classic Chicken Soup with Plain Matzo Ball ($12)

Matzo ball is not New York food per se but the birthplace of many Jewish delicatessen was in New York City. Matzo Ball is typically a Jewish food that tastes heavy and doughy. I had thought it was akin to chicken meat ball but surprise surprise, it is actually chicken fat ball.

Yes, this ball is primarily a dumpling mixture of egg, flour, fats and water rolled into a golf-ball size. If this is not quite your thing (it isn’t mine), skip it and go for the flavoursome classic chicken soup that has an asian soul; intensely aromatic, warm and easy to drink.

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sacha and sons singapore beef sandwich

Classic Deli of 300g of Roast Beef served with pickles and coleslaw ($16/24/30)

This classic deli stands mighty with such thick inches of meat that it obliterates the chance of appreciating the bread itself. The sliced steak is tender and flavourful while1 the cheese gives each bite a salty kick.

This sandwich is quite a handful to pick it up without having half the meat spill out. And even if you do discard some of the meat, there is probably still enough to make another whole sandwich from whatever leftover meat. It really is a meat overload! Simply put, it is a solid classic deli well worth the price.


Scrambled Eggs with Sturgeon, Smoked Salmon, Caramelized Onions and Bagel ($18) 

There are great brunch options like Egg Benedict and French Toasts but there are days where you might want something different – this pairing may hit the spot for you. Judicious amount of softly cooked scrambled eggs combined with smoked salmon and caramelized onions piles high beside the bagel. The egg was cooked to a great custardy texture although the flavour of the sturgeon was a tad too overpowering.

Bagel and eggs are good mates but bagel and cream cheese are perfect mates. Having all 3 on a plate made this a winning combination.


Blintzes – Stuffed Crepes with Sour Cream and Food Compote ($12)

Blintzes are thin crepe-like pancakes filled with cheese. Sacha and Son’s rendition of this is stuffed with quark cheese, a German version of the Italian’s ricotta cheese. The quark cheese is very light and creamy which makes it perfect as an after-meal treat. In contrast, the crepes are a little heavy to have as a dessert. I’d recommend having Blintzes for hi-tea or ordered to share.

sacha and songs singapore deli

Sacha & Sons is more of a comfortable, casual, everyday spot with good bagels and piles of tender, juicy meat. Hungrier folks will enjoy this place more so than at a hipster café because sandwiches here are served in spades. Although I generally don’t crave for sandwiches, Sacha & Sons might be an exception, because meat. A lot of meat.

Expected Damage: $20 – $30/pax

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Sacha & Sons: 33A Orchard Road, #03-02 Mandarin Gallery S(238897) | Tel: 6735 961 | Website