Salmon Samurai: All Kinds Of Japanese-Style Salmon Dishes For Only S$9.90 Each At 100AM Mall

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From the creators of Tanuki Raw, Standing Sushi Bar and Shinkansen comes Salmon Samurai located at 100AM Mall, Tanjong Pagar. Taking over Shinkansen’s spot in the mall, this new concept focuses solely on serving fresh salmon at an affordable price.

Oh and guess what, all the bowls only cost $9.90 – for good quality fish, we think that’s a steal!

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All the salmon is delivered fresh daily and is only sliced upon order to guarantee its freshness without compromising on the quality of the fish. Besides the fish itself, most sauces are made in-house (including the special shoyu) and even the wasabi is freshly grated.

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Check the various options on the order sheet, pay and wait patiently for your meal to be served. If you’re looking for lighter options, do check out the fridge section for sushi and other grab-and-go snacks.

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The Salmon Poke with House Salad ($9.90) was served with a Wafu dressing that was tart, complementing the salad well. The poke marinade had an umami flavour, and was accented by the fresh salmon.

Unlike the heavier poke marinades, this one was light and fresh, perfect for enjoying with the salad base.

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For something a little different, get the Spicy Salmon with House Salad ($9.90). Instead of your regular poke marinade, the salmon is coated with a creamy and spicy sauce. The sauce lent a kick to the dish, which was perfect with the sesame salad dressing.

Despite the strong-flavoured sauce, the salmon still shone through, giving rise to a well-balanced dish. We finished the bowl with ease, and even got another bowl to go.

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Try the Salmon Sashimi with Brown Rice ($9.90) with an add-on of Half Avocado ($1). Who can say no to the orange, glistening slices of salmon? The brown rice is mixed in with the refreshing house blend of ume-yuzu Furikake.

Experience a surprising burst of savoury and sour notes as you bite into each spoonful of the rice. Together with the salmon, it was reminiscent of eating sushi – a deconstructed version of course. We highly recommend adding the avocado for a textural contrast, making the dish even tastier.

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In the mood for something less raw? The Garlic Shoyu Salmon with Brown Rice ($9.90) is the dish for you. The salmon is braised upon order for just the right amount of time for it to be perfectly tender, yet full of flavour.

It comes with an onsen tamago which lends a richness and fullness to the dish. The yolk also coats the salmon and the rice, providing that extra boost of flavour. With the rice, this was definitely one of our favourites and we’re excited to have it next time with the udon instead!

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Salmon and mentaiko is essentially a match made in heaven. Here at Salmon Samurai, get your Salmon Mentaiko with Udon ($9.90) at an extremely affordable price.

Paired with the creamy mentaiko salmon, the udon was a nice base as it was chewy and starchy, a contrast to the salmon. With a slight drizzle of shoyu as well as the mentaiko sauce, we finished the dish with ease.

The salmon bowls available are recommended pairings as suggested by the folks here at Salmon Samurai. But if you’d like your salmon with another base, knock yourself out, and explore the various combinations possible.

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What’s a Japanese restaurant without sushi? Order the Warrior Maki ($9.90) as the perfect complement to your bowls, or have it as your lunch (or afternoon snack). We initially thought that it was weird to have chicken floss on sushi, but after tasting it, we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Coupled with the salmon and garlic mayo, the chicken floss added a nice texture and sweetness to the roll.

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As a side, try the Miso Soup ($2). Filled with an abundance of ingredients, this isn’t your plain old miso soup. The bowl was filled with salmon flakes, mushrooms and other vegetables, creating a simple but flavoursome soup, that was really comforting to have.

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The bowls are available for takeaway as well, and are packed nicely in a disposable container waiting for you, and your friends, colleagues or family to enjoy.

Don’t let this great deal swim away, hurry down and get a taste of fresh salmon done to your liking at Salmon Samurai today!

Expected damage: $9.90 per person

Salmon Samurai: 100 Tras Street 03-22 100AM Mall, Singapore | Opening Hours: (Mon to Fri) 11am – 8pm, (Sat & Sun) 12pm – 6pm | Tel: +65 6543 6823 | Website