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Sand Bar: Mouth-Watering Beef Brisket & Boozy Granitas By Siloso Beach

Last Updated: February 13, 2020

Written by Wani

Sand Bar 17

I personally love a day spent at the beach. Unfortunately, I don’t get to do that enough here. Most vacations I plan centre around being close to water, so I’m always slightly elated when I get the opportunity to head down to Siloso Beach, Sentosa for a spot of sun, sand, and sea.

Sand Bar 16

Right next to my all-time favourite beach club, Coastes,—I’ve patronised the place since university—is Sand Bar. Back then, the area was occupied by a shack that sold drinks, which made way for a bar a few years later.

Today, it’s a restaurant and bar, serving piping pizzas straight out of the brick oven, along with a meat-centric menu that suits the seaside vibe just right.

Sand Bar 15

The place is split into three areas—the main dining deck, ‘oasis’, and a platform with beanbags—that caters to every type of beach-goer, be it whether you’re hanging out solo, you’re with your partner, or need more space for your family and friends.

The bean bags are strategically placed so you get the best view of the sunset, and only cost S$10 for an entire day’s rental. The ‘oasis’ area is closer to where their bar, Flame, is, and more suited to those dropping by for a drink or two.

Sand Bar

Speaking of drinks, they serve special ice-blended coolers, like the Green Apple Granita (S$10). For an extra dose of fun, you can choose to add a shot of alcohol to the coolers with options such as rum, vodka, and tequila for just S$4 extra. I had mine with rum, and it proved to be a fun way to start the afternoon.

It was sweet-sour, with a hint of caramel from the rum, which also gave the drink a lot more depth.

Sand Bar 3

One of their mini burgers—that may raise eyebrows for its unusual combination—is the Grilled Prawn, Ham & Cheese (S$16). The prawn pucks were wrapped in honey-baked ham, while the buns were slathered with green aioli, before having a blanket of white cheddar laid down, and finished with a topping of herb salad.

On the first bite, it seemed rather plain, with the only flavour I could detect coming from the honey-baked ham. The green aioli struggled to lend any contrasting taste, even though the buns were soft and fluffy. After only a few bites, I lost interest, especially since the white cheddar made every bite particularly rich.

Sand Bar 4

What fared better, however, was the Beachy Prawn (S$20) pizza. The base was the same green aioli from the burger, with a decent number of prawns littered atop the pizza, along with spicy napa cabbage slaw. The slaw was very reminiscent of kimchi, and really helped to liven up the overall taste of the pizza.

Sand Bar 11

The prawns tasted plump and fresh, and I appreciated that the pizza was thin-crust. The issue I have with pizza sometimes is that it can prove to be too heavy on the palate, but both my dining partner and I agreed that this one was an easy and delicious pizza to put away.

Sand Bar 12

You have to try any one of Sand Bar’s roasts, in particular, the Smoked Beef Brisket (S$16). Every portion of roast meat comes with a side salad, and a choice of mashed potato or oven wedges. We went with mashed potatoes.

Sand Bar 13

Don’t expect a whipped mashed potato; the one here is chunky, but really made well, no less. The star of the dish, the beef brisket, was excellent. The meat fell apart with little effort, and the fat which lined the cuts we received were too juicy to dispose of. This dish was succulent, gratifying, and a must-order for when you’ve come up from the water feeling famished.

Sand Bar 14

Ice cream by the beach is always a treat, which means you have to ensure you have room for French Toast With Caramelised Bananas & Rum (S$10). The portion came with two slices of french toasts, drizzled with caramelised bananas, which I can only assume have been also cooked in rum.

The taste of rum was rather faint, but no matter, the dessert was faultless with its sweet, sticky, and mildly salty nuances—and especially since it was a perfect portion for splitting between two people. I would return here to Sand Bar simply to order dessert, to complete my beach day.

I understand Sentosa isn’t exactly the most convenient place in Singapore to travel to, but if and when you’re at Siloso beach, a meal at Sand Bar should be a consideration. Just remember to bring your swimwear, because the beach is only a few steps away, and you won’t want to miss the water!

Expected Damage: S$20 – S$30 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Sand Bar

53 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099012

Our Rating 4/5

Sand Bar

53 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099012

Telephone: +65 6631 8938
Operating Hours: 12pm - 9pm (Mon to Thu), 12pm - 10pm (Fri), 11am - 10pm (Sat), 11am - 9pm (Sun)
Telephone: +65 6631 8938

Operating Hours: 12pm - 9pm (Mon to Thu), 12pm - 10pm (Fri), 11am - 10pm (Sat), 11am - 9pm (Sun)

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