SAP Thai Food: Slurp Up This Best Kept Thai Basil MAMA Noodle Secret At Amoy Street Food Centre

It’s 12pm and you’re standing in the middle of Amoy Street Food Centre, getting ready to pounce for the next empty table. After what seems like forever, you finally secure a table but now you have to pick ONE food stall amongst the hundreds to get your lunch from — a decision that’s almost impossible to make.

Fear not my friends, I’ve got you. We’ve all heard of Thai Basil Chicken rice, but how often can one say, “I’ve had Thai Basil Chicken Mama Noodles“?

SAP Thai Food in Amoy Street Food Centre serves up chopsticks-licking-good Thai Basil MAMA Noodles that you wish you’d knew about it earlier.

What makes this stall special is the Thai Chicken Mama Noodles ($5), where classic Thai instant noodles are combined with Thai basil chicken that’s cooked upon order and topped with a fried egg.

You also get to choose from five different levels of spice – an additional touch that I usually only expect from a restaurant.

The noodles here were cooked to perfection; or what we Singaporeans know as QQ. We tried Medium and Spicy, but we felt that Spicy tasted better with the extra kick.

You could opt for Non-Spicy (no judgement) or you could challenge yourself and opt for Extra Spicy, but I highly recommend the Spicy. Note that this is coming from someone who does not handle spicy food well, so chilli lovers should probably go for Extra Spicy.

If Extra Spicy is still not spicy enough for you, they have their very own blend of Thai chilli on the counter up for grabs. And no, it’s not that sweet chilli nonsense stuff, but the kill-me-i’m-sweating-in-places-i-didn’t-know-was-possible spicy (at least for me).

Awesome spice levels aside, my only qualm about this dish was the solid yolk. Molten egg yolks are my weakness and this dish would have been perfect with it.

That’s just my personal preference though and I’m sure some of you prefer your egg cooked through.

I’ll definitely be returning for my mama noodles kick until I find somewhere else that serves up a dish like this. Leave a comment if you know of such a place or of a special dish like this!

Expected damage: $5 per pax

SAP Thai Food: 7 Maxwell Road, #01-58 Amoy Street Food Centre, Singapore 069111 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Fri) 10am – 9pm | Facebook