Saturday House: Singapore Restaurant Review

“Casual dining not just on a Saturday”

saturday house-1

Nestled along a quaint corner along Upper Paya Lebar Road is Saturday House, with a big, bright broadway-style ‘Saturday’ leading the way. With Sunday Market just around the corner, we were intrigued to check out Saturday House for what they had to offer. I mean, Saturday literally comes before Sunday right.

saturday house paya lebar

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Giving one a pretty relaxed vibe upon entering, Saturday House seems to be a great place for a casual lunch and dine-in. Especially since they now offer an all-day happy hour, and we can now enjoy cheap beers (Sapporo; 2 for $20, Paulaner; 2 for $22) everyday.  Cheers!

saturday house mushroom soup

We started off with the Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup ($5.90). It was fairly decent, with a thick, creamy base with hints of bite-sized mushrooms peppered amidst the soup.

saturday house Bacon Cheese Mushrooms

Then came the Bacon Cheese Mushrooms ($10). Well, I can definitely say it heightened my expectations of their food to a whole new level. Stuffed with bacon bits and cheese inside just a humble mushroom, one bite into this crisp delight will leave you craving for more.

A classic combo of bacon and cheese will never fail to disappoint, what more when piping hot melted cheese squirts into your mouth just after a bite. I would say this is a must-try on their menu.

saturday house-5

Also, their Marmite Mid-Joint Wings ($8), undoubtedly stands out as one of the better chicken wings I’ve had amidst the many cafés here in Singapore. One would be pretty apprehensive at the use of Marmite, especially if you’re not a big fan of the British “love it or hate it” one-hit wonder itself.

However, the dish was surprisingly pleasant. The subtle taste of Marmite actually complemented the wings well, instead of it being too overpowering on one’s tastebuds. The skin was crisp and uniform in taste, rendering this dish a big thumbs-up from both Seth and myself.

saturday house aglio olio

After some satisfying starters, we had the Aglio Olio ($11.90), served piping hot with a smooth, garlicky aroma that just makes your mouth water. With some red & green peppers in the mix, the pasta was better than your average Aglio Olio. Each strand was coated with a sufficient amount of fragrant olive oil without bordering on over-excessive.

saturday house grilled pork collar

The Grilled Pork Collar ($18.90). It was sufficiently tender, and well char-grilled. I would say its pretty average in taste, but well worth it.

saturday house-9

After which was dessert, the Molten Lava cake ($6) paired with Vanilla ice cream (+$1.50). This, for me, was a little too much on the sweet side. However, I’m sure chocolate lovers will appreciate the rich and velvety textures of the molten lava cake here at Saturday House.

Overall, I thought my experience at Saturday House to be pretty decent, and I would highly recommend their affordable starters to anyone looking for a quick bite. As it aspires to be, Saturday house is definitely a great Upper Paya Lebar neighbourhood hang-out with both good food and cheap beer. It might be a little out of the way, but well, if you’re around the area, a pop by is definitely worth it!

Expected damage: $15 – $30  per pax

Saturday House: 339 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, 534953 | Tel: 6280 0338 | Website