Snag these irresistibly adorable Shiba Inu fast food figurines before pre-order ends on 24 June

If there’s something else that can melt all dog lovers’ hearts, it’s got to be this Shiba Inu fast food figurine. Step aside, McDonalds’ Miniatures and Happy Meal toys—here’s a Shiba Inu huddled in a McDonalds’ takeaway bag. You can’t beat that.

Shiba Inu Takeaway Bag

These ingenious and adorable creations are sold in a toy store in Thailand called All Blue Toys, which is, thankfully, currently accepting pre-orders for them. With three designs each priced at 300 baht (approx. S$12.79), all of them will stir the dog-loving DNA in you, while not doing your diet justice.

Shiba Inu Toy Figurines 2

This Animal Planet Shiba Inu Collection is the perfect addition to your altar of figurines, but admiring them too much may run the risk of succumbing to a fast food meal. But isn’t that the best of both worlds? Live a little and indulge.

French Fries Shiba Inu

If you’ve fallen head over heels for this collection, here’s good news—they’re available for preorder on Avolounge till 24 June 2021. After all, how often do you see a Shiba Inu and fast food in a singular concept? Snag them before it’s sold out.

Date & Time: Animal Planet Shiba Inu Collection is available for pre-order on Avolounge till 24 June 2021

Price: 300 baht (approx. S$12.79)

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