Hermès bags like you’ve never seen them before

Collage of Hermes bags made of vegetables

The internet never ceases to amaze. When one is in the throes of an internet black hole, there is no telling what you can find. This time, we present the ever-coveted Hermès that is ‘good enough to eat’. No, this is not a joke, but it is, however, not for sale (unfortunately). Like many things on the internet, this is for our pure enjoyment and fun. If you didn’t know anything about Hermès, here’s a quick lowdown.

Hermès vegetable bag made of cucumber

Named after the French actress Jane Birkin, the iconic Birkin with its trapezoid has quickly become a status symbol of sorts. Besides the very, very pretty price tag, these bags also come with one of the highest levels of craftsmanship. These bags are made from scratch every time, so there’s also that.

Then, there is exclusivity and rarity. Even if you have the means to pay for one (they run from S$10K to as much as S$100K), you might not get it. See the Sex and the City episode where Samantha tries to mooch off of Lucy Liu’s name for one of these bags.

Hermès vegetable bag made of xiao bai cai

Therefore, the craftsmanship and exclusivity have added to the mythos of this bag. So, you can imagine how funny it is when you see these prized bags made of cucumber, asparagus, and xiao bai cai.

Luckily, these creations by designer, Ben Denzer, are not for sale. But one has to admire the precision of these ‘bags’. After all, there is merit owning this ‘Cucumbirkin’. A piece of edible art that has perhaps added a chuckle to your day. You can even take a look at how Ben Denzer created these bag’s here.

Would Jane Birkin rock this creation, you think?

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