Fawn over this new My Neighbor Totoro x Loewe collection avail from 8 Jan

That feeling when your worlds collide is truly unparalleled. I remember when Taylor Swift came out with the song ‘Exile’ with Bon Iver, I think I died with happiness right there and then. The sentiment is no different with this “My Neighbor Totoro” x Loewe collection set to launch 8 January 2021.

My Neighbor Totoro X Loewe 7

Even if you are a casual watcher of Studio Ghibli films, you must know one of its most famous and whimsical films, My Neighbour Totoro. A sweet-natured film about two sisters who move to a new house and befriend a friendly rabbit-like forest spirit named ‘Totoro’ and go on adventures together. Needless to say, as an avid watcher of Ghibli films, this is a collaboration that warms the cockles of my shopaholic heart.

My Neighbor Totoro X Loewe 1

In the Loewe collection, they take the iconic characters of Totoro, those magical soot balls and even mini totoros are plastered in this collection. I have my eye on the Small Totoro Hammock Drawstring bag in classic calfskin and linen (£2,100 ~S$3,762.42). Apart from the practicality of a backpack, the illustration of Totoro is just too adorable to bear.

My Neighbor Totoro X Loewe 4

There are classic Loewe shapes given the Hayao Miyazaki makeover, like this Mini Dust Bunnies Puzzle bag in classic calfskin (£1,700 ~ S$3045.77 ) which feature Loewe’s iconic Puzzle Bag. The cuboid shape and geometric lines make this bag a wardrobe staple, but with the soot balls all over, it’s perfect. Think of it as an everyday bag with just that touch of whimsy.

My Neighbor Totoro X Loewe 3

Just to show how much you love My Neighbour Totoro, this cosy and over-the-top Totoro Crafty Tree sweater in mohair and wool (£1,300 ~S$2,329.12). Seeing as we have all this rainy and cloudy weather lately, you could be curled up with a piping hot bowl of fish soup and this Loewe sweater. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?

Well, I’ve only scratched the surface of this “My Neighbor Totoro” x Loewe collection, and you can take a look at the rest of the collection here. It’s a new year and maybe, its time to treat yourself to some Studio Ghibli.

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