8 Coffee Options From Shopee for Your Daily Dose of Caffeine

As a coffee addict, the one strong withdrawal syndrome I’ve been experiencing this ‘Circuit Breaker’ was the lack of C8H10N4O2 in my system—I mean, caffeine. I do know that we can easily get a packet of 3-in-1 coffee from the nearby supermarket for that instant, fuss-free fix. But I’m sure many of you will understand when I say that there is indeed a difference when it comes to a glass of 3-in-1 coffee from a packet and those freshly brewed at our favourite third-wave coffee houses. 

With the limited choices we have on the shelves of grocery stores, many of us have turned to make our coffee purchases online to recreate that perfect brew in the comforts of our homes. Be it via pour-over, French press, or coffee machines, the options are endless. Thus, to make things easier for my fellow caffeine lovers, I’ve come up with a list of 8 different coffee options from Shopee for you to choose from based on your preferred brewing methods!

—Ground Coffee—

1. Coffee Break’s SHY BLEND Coffee Powder

Coffee Shopee Online 1

If you are missing that strong, robust flavour from a cup of local Kopi, you can certainly trust on Coffee Break’s SHY Blend Coffee Powder (S$10) for that kick of caffeine to wake up your senses early in the morning. A custom blend of Indonesian robusta coffee roasted Nanyang-style, your brew will boast a creamy and thick mouthfeel with soft caramelised cocoa bittersweetness. 

Best brewed with a nylon filter, feel free to also use the Moka pot, French press or the drip coffee machine to substitute your brewing method. Since Coffee Break is a traditional Hainanese coffee stall selling traditional kopi and teh, tea lovers can also purchase their SHY BLEND Tea Dust (S$12) for your teh-o fixes. Although we can’t enjoy sipping our cup of kopi whilst chit-chatting in the hawker centres, why not bring them to our coffee tables at home? Order your Coffee Break products here from Shopee while stocks last!

2. Cafe Aromar Premium Roast 

Coffee Shopee Online 2

One of the top three coffee-producing countries in the world, Vietnam produces over 1.8 million tons of coffee a year. Roasted from the best quality beans sunbathed and matured in the mild foggy warmth of the central hill slopes in Vietnam, Cafe Aromar’s Premium Roast (S$5.90 for 220g) exudes deep, flavourful notes distinct to coffee beans grown in the region.

If you are new to brewing with ground coffee, then get the Premium Roast Set. For just S$17.90, you can kick start your brewing journey with the 350ml French press that comes along with your 220g pack of Premium Roast. Don’t miss out on this affordable and truly authentic experience in your next cuppa and order your set from Shopee now!

—Drip Coffee Bags—

3. UCC Japan Shokunin Coffee 7g Drip Pack

Coffee Shopee Online 3

Just like a tea bag of coffee, drip coffee bags allows you to brew an aromatic cup of filter coffee in a matter of seconds without the need of any other equipment. A perfect solution for a pick-me-up on a weekday morning before your Zoom meetings, UCC Japan Shokunin Coffee 7g Drip Pack (S$11.85 for 18 packets) brews up a quality cup of coffee cheaper than those we purchase at the nearby kopitiam.

With coffee estates in Jamaica and Hawaii, UCC has been actively involved in the coffee-making process of all its products. From the planting of saplings on through to harvesting of the beans, you can count of UCC to produce top-notch coffee that will suit your tastebuds. With three different blends of coffee to choose from here at Shopee, there will definitely be one that you will like!

4. Tasogare Coffee Drip Coffee

Coffee Shopee Online 4

While we are able to purchase grocery-store brands of coffee bags, small local roasters are also offering their drip bags of freshly ground coffee to the international market. Tasogare Coffee is one of them. One of Osaka’s renowned coffee stands selling cups of freshly brewed drip coffee upon order, Tasogare Coffee has won the hearts of many locals and tourist with their fragrant and clean brews.

Specially imported from Japan, Tasogare Coffee’s Combo/ Tester Pack (S$13.55 for 10 packets) consist of five different blends for you to try and decide on your favourite. Each blend exudes its characteristic scent and flavour guaranteed to soothe your nerves, easing unnecessary tension with each sip taken. Make you homemade morning cup taste just as good as a cafe-ordered pour-over by placing your orders at Shopee now!

—Coffee Capsules—

5. Pod Labs Kopi-O Nespresso Compatible Caps

Coffee Shopee Online 5

With Nespresso coffee machines being a common household appliance, many of us are now able to brew a nice cup of expresso in the comforts of our homes. However, as Singaporeans, I’m pretty sure there will be times when you just crave an intense cup of traditional kopi-o. With Pod Labs’s Kopi-O Nespresso Compatible Caps (S$6), you will be able to brew an old school cup of coffee right out of your Nespresso machine.

A smooth blend of fine South-American Arabica and South-East Asian Robusta beans skilfully roasted locally according to a traditional 30-year-old recipe, these kopi-o pods ensures perfect extraction every time to provide that familiar kopitiam taste. Add condensed milk or evaporated milk to the coffee and you will get your very own cup of kopi or kopi-C similar to that of Yakun’s! 100% made in Singapore, show some love for our very own local product here. 

6. Starbucks Capsule Coffee

Coffee Shopee Online 11

For those who are using a Dolce Gusto, this is specially chosen for you. Since we can’t have our daily dose of fancy lattes and macchiatos from our favourite coffee chain, Starbucks, we can always recreate it using the Starbucks Capsule Coffee. For just S$12.50 for 12 capsules, delight in your cup of Caramel Macchiato, Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino. 

Whether you like your coffee mixed with milk or straight-up black, there will surely be a flavour of your liking from their variety of options available on Shopee. If you are looking for Starbuck capsules suitable for Nespresso (S$11.50), look no further as we’ve got you covered with their link right here!

—Instant Coffee—


Coffee Shopee Online 8

Have you ever watched a Korean Drama and wondered why are they always drinking instant coffee from a small paper cup? In South Korea, stop at almost any office, restaurants and homes and you will find instant coffee being offered or sold off vending machines. Often sweetened with just the right amount of sugar for that instant sugar rush, there’s just something special about Korean instant coffees that makes them equally as addictive as K-dramas.

Branded as a premium instant coffee, KANU is liked by many Koreans for its more mature selection of flavours. KANU’s selection of coffee mixes are not only less sweet, but the brand is also known for its Dark Mini series (S$24.70 for a box of 100 packets) that is served without any addition of cream or sweeteners. At only 3kcal a cup, this is the ideal instant coffee option for those who are watching their weight this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period!

Unsweetened coffee aside, KANU also caters to those who like their black coffee fully and mildly sweetened. Check for their availability on Shopee.

8. OldTown White Coffee

Coffee Shopee Online 7

Malaysia’s largest halal-certified kopitiam chain in Ipoh, OldTown White Coffee has won the hearts of many Singaporeans with their authentic Malaysian fare. Often after my plate of nasi lemak, I would order a cup of Iced White Coffee to round up my meal with a sweet, satisfying end. 

Rich and aromatic, OldTown White Coffee’s blend is a mixture of specially roasted liberica, arabica and robusta coffee beans with small amounts of caramel that contributes to its distinct taste. Their Classic White Coffee (S$9.98) aside, I also find myself loving their Hazelnut White Coffee (S$9.98) as it makes for the ideal pairing with plain crackers for a mid-day snack.

Smooth and filled with nuttiness, the Hazelnut White Coffee is a must-try for coffee lovers who enjoy that extra nutty flavour. To make the most out of your penny, why not get their bundle offer here? A bundle of four packs is only priced at S$26.98, which just boils down to S$6.75 per pack—definitely a steal for what you will be getting!

There you have it, eight distinctly different coffee options for you to select from based on your brewing methods and taste preference. With the variety of caffeine-filled beverages available on Shopee, no longer will you have a reason to doze off during your zoom meetings or online lectures. Just remember to not over consume, or else counting sheep won’t be of any help at night!