Transform Your Meals Into a Picturesque Work of Art With Sakura Pasta Avail On Shopee

Sakura Pasta Online 3
Credit – Shopee

As the sakura season in Korea and Japan comes to an end, we can only dream of that holiday we were supposed to go but had to unwilling forfeit due to the on-going COVID-19 situation. Despite being confined to home, why not let our imagination run wild by re-creating the atmosphere of being overseas with our senses? 

This weekend, take a trip to Japan with your favourite Japanese anime or drama on Netflix while savouring a plate of delectable sakura pasta. Specially produced by Yamagata Prefecture’s noodle maker, Tamaya Seimen, these captivative pink cherry blossom-shaped pasta will transform any dish into a picturesque plate similar to that of Japan’s Springtime!

Sakura Pasta Online 4
Credit – Tamaya Seimen

Available on Shopee for just S$15, the sakura pasta is made using premium durum wheat together with Japanese beets to give them its whimsical pop of pink hue. Using the sakura pasta, feel free to jazz up your one-pan pasta recipe with these chewy and beautifully shaped noodles. 

Great as a dish on its own, the sakura pasta can also be used as toppings for your salads and soups. Additionally, they make for great decorative garnishes for plating and for adding that touch of colour to your bento meals!

Sakura Pasta Online 5
Credit – Tamaya Seimen

This ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, why not bring a touch of Japanese nature to your kitchen and take your scrumptious homemade meals up a notch with this sakura pasta? Without much effort required, the use of the pasta alone will magically turn your dishes to Instagrammable works of art!

Dates & Times: Available on Shopee now

Prices: S$15