Neater and more sustainable Singapore Airlines Economy Class meal concept to roll out 1 Dec

Before you come at me all accusatory about having no chance to travel, hear me out. Singapore Airlines (SIA) is unrolling their new Economy Class meal concept, and it’s one of the best pieces of news I’ve heard from the airline. The new SIA Economy Class meal may look pared down, but packs a punch in sustainability, variety, and taste.

Sia New Economy Class Meal Online 1
Credit – Singapore Airlines

Doing away with the existing plastic-heavy trays, the new SIA Economy Class meal will feature two paper boxes, a paper cup, and cutlery made of bamboo. The paper packaging is made with Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. Compared to the previous plastic laden meal sets, the new ones will reduce the weight of single-use plastics on these flights by 80%.

The new meal concept applies to flights to and from Singapore under 3.5 hours, and will start on 1 December 2020.

Sia New Economy Class Meal Online 2
Credit – Singapore Airlines

Of course, let’s talk about what we’re all thinking of—the food. Featuring more than 40 new dishes, the new SIA Economy Class meal will include options previously unavailable on this flight class. I know, I know, the plebeian in me is quaking.

Some of the newly available offerings are Congee, Laksa, and Mee Siam. We have the considerably deeper paper boxes to thank for the windfall of gravy-rich meals. The boxes on the new SIA Economy Class meal are satisfyingly leak-proof, and their deeper structure means they can hold soupier dishes more securely. It also helps that the boxes are designed to be oven-safe and retain heat.

Sia New Economy Class Meal Online 3
Credit – Singapore Airlines

Just look at that soupy Laksa sitting securely in its box.

Apart from that, you can also look forward to dishes such as Braised Beef and Mushroom Ragout with Mash PotatoSalted Fish Fried Rice with Chicken and Scrambled Egg with Sauté Spinach and Potato, Herb Tomato Sauce.

I definitely did not project my cravings by listing the dishes I’m most eager to try.

Sia New Economy Class Meal Online 4
Credit – Singapore Airlines

Although the new SIA Economy Class meal trays look more scant without the usual sides and appetisers shebang, they make up for that in variety and taste. Rest assured that your new meal boxes still contain the same volume of food as the previous ones.

I, for one, wish that I could have a nibble at the dessert options such as the Raspberry Cream Cake and Pulut Hitam Cake.

Flying for leisure is a far leap right now. There’s always SIA Restaurant A380 if you’re hankering for airplane food, but otherwise, look forward to more sustainably packaged and exciting varieties on your future Economy Class flights.