Expect Event-Exclusive The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale + Kueh Ho Jiak’s Aerokueh At Singapore Airshow 2020 Happening On 15 & 16 Feb

Calling all aviation fans! Singapore Airshow, Asia’s largest and one of the most important aerospace and defence exhibition, is back this year and this time around, expect this biennial event to be elevated with a unique Singaporean flair!

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Held on 15 & 16 February 2020 at Changi Exhibition Centre, visitors can not only look forward to a wide range of exciting activities and breath-taking aerobatic flying displays, there will also be a variety of food and beverages to keep you fuelled and energised throughout the day.

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Spicing up the not-to-be-missed event of the year, Brewerkz, Singapore’s longest-running craft brewery, joined hands with Experia Events to kick Singapore Airshow 2020 into a higher gear this year with the launch of an industry-first, event-exclusive brew in Asia—The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale (S$7.50 per can, S$180 per case of 24 X 330ml). 

Named after the high-octane jet fuel which kicks planes into high speed and inspired by the powerful trust and adrenaline rush that afterburner gives, The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale, is available in two colours—blue and orange—representing flight in the morning and evening, respectively. 

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Brewerkz never fails to amaze me with their creativity and the flavour profiles of their craft beers. From Mistletoe Kiss White Beer (created for Christmas Wonderland 2019) to the Golden Rat Vanilla Lager (created especially for this Chinese New Year), the taste and texture of their craft beers are consistent and smooth, always leaving me wanting more. 

With that said, The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale is not an exception. This classic pale ale has a distinct hoppy fragrance, which leaves a refreshing and lip-smacking honeydew and pine aftertaste. Thirst-quenching and flavourful. Very befitting for a high-energy event like Singapore Airshow which demands an equally high-octane beer.

With a can of craft beer on hand, there have to be some snacks to go along, doesn’t it? If you haven’t tried ang ku kueh with beer, you have been missing out. 

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This Singapore Airshow, try pairing Kueh Ho Jiak’s Aerokueh with a can of The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale. You will be surprised by how well this contrasting combination pair with each other. 

Created especially for the event, Aerokueh is available in three flavours—sweet potato, mung bean and peanut—sold in a box of three (mixed flavour) for S$6. 

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Shaped like an aeroplane, the Aerokueh‘s were sized perfectly as a fuss-free one-bite snack. My favourite has got to be the peanut flavour. The crushed peanut filling was mixed with peanut butter, resulting in a dense and nutty treat. The skin was contrastingly soft and thin, making each mouthful a delight.

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Another unique flavour was the sweet potato. Purple sweet potatoes were mashed till smooth and rather fluffy. Comparing to the peanut Aerokueh, the sweet potato Aerokueh was soft and chewy, making them very light and easy to eat. 

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The mung bean Aerokeuh was the most traditional out of all three. I enjoyed that it was slightly salty in flavour and a tad bit of graininess, which reminds me of the traditional mung bean ang ku kueh I used to eat when I was younger. 

With Singapore’s scorching weather, cool yourself from the heat with The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale, and munch on some Aerokueh whilst enjoying the magnificent airshows and exhibits!

Dates &Time: 15 & 16 Feburary 2020 | 9.30am – 5pm

Price: From S$6 onwards

Price: $

Changi Exhibition Centre

9 Aviation Park Road, Singapore 498760


Changi Exhibition Centre

9 Aviation Park Road, Singapore 498760

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 5pm

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 5pm
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