Snack Pop Oreo, Chips Ahoy, M&M’s & Butterfinger Popcorn At NTUC Fairprice Finest

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The sweet and savoury snack combination works for a reason. Sweetness brings out the best in savoury food and a tad of savouriness often balances the overwhelming sweetness in an item. As a fan of this match made in heaven, friends and family sometimes find me weird as I would dip my fries in ice cream, cover my chips in chocolate sauce and even add kaya in my cheese sandwich.Like me, if you too are a fan of this combination, you are in for a treat as NTUC Fairprice Finest has brought in a snack especially for us! A combination of salty popcorn mashed up with cookies and candies which we have been munching on since we were kids, Snack Pop’s Cookie Pop and Candy Pop are available in four flavours—Oreo, Chips Ahoy, M&M’s Minis and Butterfinger. 

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Retailing at S$7.50 per packet, both the Cookie Pop and Candy Pop features a combination of popcorn mixed in with its respective cookie or candy flavour. Low in sodium and made with non-GMO corn, each 30g serving contains merely 150 calories—definitely worth it for this irresistible treat!

Apart from the four flavours up for grabs at NTUC Fairprice Finest, Snack Pop also introduced two other varieties—Twix and Snickers—which can be bought via their website. Sadly, these exclusive flavours are currently limited to shipment within the United States. As such, Singaporean popcorn lovers will probably have to wait till NTUC Fairprice Finest or other supermarket giants decide to bring in these products to our shores.

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Until the day we can finally head back to the cinemas and enjoy a box of freshly popped sweet and salty popcorn, why not fulfil your popcorn cravings with Snack Pop’s unique flavours before they run out? Since these popcorns are retailed on while stocks last basis, do stock up on the different flavours if you have to in order to avoid any disappointment!

Dates & Times: Available at NTUC Fairprice Finest while stocks last

Prices: S$7.50 per packet