8 Sweet and Savoury Snacks From Shopee to Tide Over Your Munchies at Home

Given the tighter ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures that have just been implemented, we have been increasingly encouraged to stay home at all times, and only leave the house if necessary, preferably alone. Since we’re at home practically all the time, we’re bound to get peckish through the day and even at night, looking for something to satisfy our cravings. 

Instead of leaving the house to hunt down these snacks that might be out of stock when you reach the supermarket, why not order them in the safety of your home with just one click from Shopee? Here’s a list of eight sweet and savoury snacks you can find on Shopee to munch on at home!

1. Xiao Mei Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream

Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Online 1

With the stricter set of regulations placed on the F&B industry recently, we’ve all mourned the loss of the one thing keeping us sane throughout this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period—bubble tea. However, all is not lost! Apart from making your own bubble tea at home, here’s another way you can get your brown sugar pearl fix, with the Xiao Mei Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream (S$45.60 for 16). 

Just like your favourite drink, this ice cream has everything bubble tea has, down to the creamy milk and the chewy brown sugar boba. If you’re lazy to go through the trouble of making your own pearls, why not just open the fridge and whip one of these frozen babies out? They’re available now on Shopee Mall, so rest assured you’ll be getting the real deal. These come in boxes of four, and you can buy them in bundles here

2. Tom’s Farm Seasoned Almonds Korean Snack 

Tom's Farm Almonds Online

If you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you’ve tried some of these insanely delicious and addictive nuts before, especially their signature Honey Butter Almond (S$7.19). Instead of braving the supermarkets or hunting down a Korean food mart in Singapore, you can enjoy these without even leaving the house, and at a reduced price. 

These almonds come in an array of other flavours that you probably haven’t seen before, like Strawberry, Yoghurt and Caramel Pretzel—one of the advantages of shopping online. That being said, everything in moderation because these almonds are the kind of snack that you can keep munching on until you’ve demolished the whole pack. You can find all these regular flavours here, and there are even some limited-edition flavours available here like Toffeenut Latte and Blacksugar Milktea, all on Shopee. 

3. Eureka Gourmet Popcorn 

Eureka Popcorn Online

Although Eureka Popcorn hasn’t been around for very long compared to other companies like Garrett, it sure is making waves in the gourmet popcorn industry with its new and innovative flavours that you wouldn’t expect to pair with popcorn, like Matcha Chocolate (S$6.80 for 140g) and Kimchi (S$6.80 for 140g). The thing that makes Eureka’s popcorn so good is how each piece is so flavourful, without losing the quintessential satisfying crunch. 

The extensive range of flavours can satisfy both your sweet and savoury cravings, and I would stock up if I were you because these addictive treats will be gone in no time. Since we won’t be going to the cinema anytime soon, get your fix here, the perfect accompaniment to your Netflix binge or a snack for any time of the day. 

4. Amazin’ Graze Nuts 

Amazin Graze Online 1

As a healthier alternative, give Amazin’ Graze Nuts a shot, a Halal Asian brand promoting healthy snacking with yummy granola, nuts and more. To make healthy food seem less intimidating, they’ve come up with interesting new flavours like Tom Yum Kaffir Lime and Zesty Maple Glazed for their Classic Nut Mixes (S$10.62 for a bundle of two)

Amazin’ Graze is on Shopee Mall, so you can be certain of their authenticity. Order them here for some delicious yet healthy nuts to munch on whenever your mouth gets itchy, as well as their granola for breakfast to perk up your day. 

5. Market O Real Brownie

Market O Brownie Online

For those of you’ve who been to Korea, this is the equivalent of Tokyo Banana—Market O Real Brownie is the snack you bring home for your friends to try, and also for your own private stash. Well, luckily for us, we don’t need to fly there anymore (not that we can right now), because all their flavours are accessible to us at home via Shopee! 

When we can’t be bothered to bake, these brownies are as good as the real thing, as its name not so surreptitiously suggests. Enjoy their classic Original Chocolate, or be adventurous with their Matcha and Orange flavours for S$10.90 a pop here

6. Aroma Truffle & Co. Chips 

Online Aroma Truffle Mooncake 4

To all truffle lovers out there, this one’s for you. Pegged as the world’s strongest truffle chips, these chips by Aroma Truffle & Co. might be on the pricier side but wow, they are good. Extremely fragrant and with that potent truffle flavour, these ruffled chips give just the right crunch, making for a truly indulgent snack that will have you hooked. 

This brand of chips is quite hard to come across in regular supermarkets, so you’ll be glad to know that they’re available on Shopee for a discounted price in two flavours—Original or Parmesan Cheese (S$39.95 for four). Get your hands on these truffle-filled chips here now!

7. Wel B Freeze-Dried Fruits 

Wel B Fruits Online

Chock-full of the natural fibres from fruits but still sweet enough to satiate your cravings, these freeze-dried fruits from Wel B can make healthy eating easier. These snacks are made with 100% real fruits, with favourites like Strawberry and Peach (S$12.50 for six packs)

The freeze-drying technique ensures that all the nutrition from the fruits is retained while preserving its natural flavour, which makes these snacks so damn yummy to munch on. They’re perfect for when you’re feeling peckish, or to garnish your desserts; you can even blend it with yoghurt or dissolve it to make fruit tea. Order these fruits from Shopee here and snack to your heart’s content.

8. Sambazon Frozen Scoopable Acai

Sambazon Scoopable Acai Online

If you’re craving some Project Acai but you don’t want to fork out S$15 for a bowl, why not just make it yourself? This Frozen Scoopable Acai (S$25 for two) from Sambazon is more than enough to do the trick, and you can even customise what fruits and toppings to add to your acai bowl. 

Acai berries are classified as superfoods, meaning that they’re really nutritious and perfect for replenishing your body after sweating it out with a good at-home workout. There’s nothing better than a frozen treat to cool you down, healthy and delicious so you get the best of both worlds. These mini-tubs of frozen goodness are available here from Shopee for your snacking needs. 

There you have it—some of the best snacks you can find on Shopee, at prices impossible to get outside. Now, you can enjoy all these treats without even having to step out the door or into the kitchen; kudos to all our deliverymen who are working so hard to bring us our merchandise, we really appreciate your work. Stay safe and happy snacking everyone!