Soi Aroy: Perfect 5-star TripAdvisor rating deserved?

A few weeks ago, I had my very first meal ever at Sim Lim Square. It was so good. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but wonder what other wonderful gems lay hidden behind all the tech shops in this building. My search led me to Soi Aroy.

Soi Aroy storefront

Soi Aroy sits in the food alleyway on the second floor, just 2 shops down from the first restaurant I tried. On TripAdvisor, this 5-year-old restaurant has an astounding 5-star rating based on almost 200 reviews. That’s quite a feat for any business. It’s almost a miracle in F&B.

What is their secret?

What I tried at Soi Aroy

Being the spice wuss that I am, my eyes immediately fell upon the menu section titled “non-spicy mains”. There are 4 options here, all collagen-based soups without any added MSG. I chose the smallest size of the Collagen Broth with Chicken (S$4.50/S$7/S$9).

Soi Aroy Collagen Broth with Chicken

I have to admit that when this bowl was served, I was less than impressed. Right on top was a single leaf of green veg and 3 slices of chicken that didn’t quite whet my appetite. Half a cherry tomato and half a semi-boiled egg accompanied them. The broth looked ordinary.

But then I took a sip.

Soi Aroy Collagen Broth with Chicken broth

That deceptively plain look was hiding a concoction rich with flavour that delivered multiple levels of enjoyment. It was especially wonderful with the egg— when the golden yolk leaches into the broth, the combination is just spectacular. The density of the yolk meets the thin liquid and the result is spoonful after spoonful of lovely taste and captivating texture.

That said, this dish is let down by the chicken and the noodles. The poultry was a bit on the fatty side while the noodles were just plain.

Soi Aroy Pad Thai

Pad Thai (S$5.50) is my go-to order at any Thai restaurant. I was aghast when it arrived— too wet!

Enmeshed in the damp-ish tangle were egg, taugeh, some greens and dry chilli flakes topped with crushed peanut. They were all sitting on a bed of cabbage leaf. On one side were 3 small piles— crushed peanut, chilli flakes and sugar. On the other side was a wedge of lime.

Soi Aroy Pad Thai closeup

I prefer a drier version but this Pad Thai was delicious. It had this tiny touch of sourness— even without the lemon— and the contrast with the savoury egg was perfect.

Soi Aroy Thai Bak Chor Mee

Next to arrive at our table was the Thai Bak Chor Mee (S$4.50/S$7/S$9). You can ask for Egg Noodles, Brown Rice Bee Hoon, Thai Mama noodles, Thai Rice Noodles or Rice with this. My first choice of Mama noodles was unavailable so I went with the Egg Noodles.

Crowned with shallots, half a boiled egg, mince, 5 strips of pork and a meatball, the flat yellow noodles looked very appetising. At the bottom of the bowl was a combination of vinegar and chilli that gave off a pleasant herbal fragrance.

Soi Aroy Thai Bak Chor Mee closeup

I was disappointed to discover that there wasn’t enough of it to coat all the noodles. On the other hand, it was really spicy so phew! Both the strips of pork and the meatball were pleasant but nothing that stood out especially.

The soup on the side was fine, too, but could not compare to the collagen broth from the first dish.

Soi Aroy Fried chicken platter

My plate of Thai Fried Wings (S$5) came laden with 7 pieces of overly-brown chicken. I feared that they were overdone but that proved not to be the case. This is a nice side, especially with my all-time favourite condiment of sweet chilli sauce that the platter also contained.

Soi Aroy Papaya salad

I recommend the Papaya Salad (S$7). When this innocuous-looking plate arrived, I assumed it would be all freshness and sweetness. Guys, it’s very hot!

Soi Aroy Papaya salad closeup
Soi Aroy Papaya salad closeup

Apart from the papaya, long bean, tomato, garlic, cabbage and crushed tomato, it contained some very potent red chilli.

Soi Aroy - Aurora cooler and menu

I panted away and gulped down my Aurora Cooler (S$3.80). Visually, this drink is a dream, glowing lilac to yellow to white from base to summit. However, it is served in an ordinary plastic cup instead of the exotic tumbler depicted on the menu. That would have made for even better Insta images.

Final thoughts

Soi Aroy dishes spread

Sim Lim Square is proving itself to be a treasure trove of good food apart from the great tech deals. I can certainly see why Soi Aroy has been flourishing here. Their food is quite good and the service is very attentive and personal.

Linda, the owner’s mother shared that business is just picking up after the Covid downturn. About 6 weeks ago, at the end of Oct 2022, they opened a second branch of their sister restaurant, Super Thai in Pasir Panjang. It offers an elevated Thai dining experience.

Meanwhile, Soi Aroy is going strong in its casual niche here at Sim Lim Square. While not quite as crowded as the pre-Covid era photos show, there is a steady stream of customers. I’ll make a return visit just for the Collagen Broth with Chicken.

Expected damage: S$4.50 – S$11 per pax

Have it delivered!

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Soi Aroy

1 Rochor Canal Road, Sim Lim Square, #02-08, Singapore 188504

Our Rating 4/5

Soi Aroy

1 Rochor Canal Road, Sim Lim Square, #02-08, Singapore 188504

Telephone: +65 9641 8988
Operating Hours: 11am – 7.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9641 8988

Operating Hours: 11am – 7.30pm (Daily)
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