Soul Coffee: Gorgeous immersive horoscope cafe with zodiac drinks, tarot readings & AI robot barista

If you’re a lover of all things to do with zodiac signs, horoscopes and tarot cards, boy, do I have the perfect spot for you. When I first came across Soul Coffee, I was surprised that such a place existed in Singapore. This beautiful horoscope and tarot-themed cafe is hidden away in Paya Lebar, tucked in a corner of KINEX.

soul coffee - storefront

Soul Coffee isn’t like any other regular coffee joint. Founded by a fengshui grandmaster, this gorgeous cafe offers tarot card and crystal aura readings, on top of the usual F&B services. Also, Soul Coffee boasts a humanoid AI robot barista which made its first appearance at Beijing’s Winter Olympics 2022!

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To top it all off, stepping into Soul Coffee felt like stepping into an alternate dimension. Furnished with colour-changing lights, ethereal ceiling decorations and floor-to-ceiling projections of aquariums, cherry blossoms and more, the enchanting ambience of the cafe was unparalleled. I was mesmerised from the second I entered this breathtaking establishment.

We sat to enjoy some of Soul Coffee’s dishes while being surrounded by the stunning immersive projections, and later got to try out the establishment’s crystal aura readings.

What I tried at Soul Coffee

soul coffee - ai barista

One of Soul Coffee’s most unique offerings is their Pour Over Coffee (S$10.90), which is prepared by their AI robot barista, George Hillary. We watched as the humanoid robot made the Pour Over Coffee from start to finish, using its arms to pick up teapots and beakers to prepare the beverage.

soul coffee - pour over coffee

What resulted was a beaker of gorgeous coffee that surprised me with its fruity, berry notes and subtle sweetness. I’ll admit that I’m not a big coffee person and I rarely ever drink coffee that doesn’t come laced with a generous amount of milk or sugar, so the unexpected aroma of the coffee was a delight.

soul coffee - horoscope drinks

The menu items that caught my eye the most at Soul Coffee were their colourful and unique Horoscope Beverages, featuring 12 coffee drinks and 12 mocktails, each inspired by the 12 zodiac signs.

The Gemini Signature Coffee (S$9.90), containing their signature espresso with milk and osmanthus, was topped with a cheesecake whipped cream. The concoction was milky and creamy with a rich coffee aroma, though I thought that the cheesecake element wasn’t very prominent.

I was drawn to the pretty colours of the Taurus Signature Horoscope Mocktail (S$8.50), a drink made with yuzu, apple juice and cucumber, and topped with an adorable ice bear. The drink was incredibly refreshing and fruity, and most surprisingly, not too sweet.

My favourite of the 3 drinks we tried was the Capricorn Signature Horoscope Mocktail (S$8.50), made with oat milk, toffee nut and butterfly pea flower. It was similarly topped with an ice bear, and had a beautiful blue hue. The natural aromatic taste of the oat milk was enhanced by the sweet, nutty flavours of the toffee nut.

soul coffee - baked mushroom macaroni

Out of all the dishes on Soul Coffee’s savoury menu, the Baked Mushroom Macaroni (S$13.90), was the most appealing to me. The macaroni pieces were coated generously in cream sauce, with bits of mushroom within.

soul coffee - baked mushroom macaroni

The creaminess of the Baked Mushroom Macaroni was comforting and enjoyable. The mushrooms and cheese in the dish gave it a bit of added saltiness to enhance the savoury elements of the macaroni. However, I did find the portion to be a bit on the smaller side for the price point.

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soul coffee 17

If you like intense coffee flavours, you must try Soul Coffee’s Tiramisu (S$9.90), made with mascarpone cheese, coffee and liquor.

soul coffee - tiramisu

Upon taking my first bite, I was surprised at the strength of the coffee that permeated throughout the entire cake. The sponge fingers were incredibly moist, and the intensity of the coffee did not disappoint.

soul coffee - blueberry yogurt cheesecake

The Blueberry Yogurt Cheesecake (S$9.90) was another fantastic cake, featuring blueberry jelly, yogurt and cream cheese.

soul coffee - blueberry yoghurt cheesecake

Soul Coffee’s Blueberry Yogurt Cheesecake had a texture that was lighter and less rich as compared to most American cheesecakes. Instead, it was a little bit more pudding-like, with a nice cream cheese flavour that was not too jelak. The blueberry element also supplemented the cake nicely without overpowering the cheese.

featured image - ivoire raspberry dome

I knew that I had to try Soul Coffee’s stunning Ivoire Raspberry Dome (S$7.90) when I first saw it. This pretty little circular cake is made with white chocolate, mousse and a raspberry filling.

The sweetness of the white chocolate and creamy mousse was balanced out by the tangy, sharper flavours from the raspberry filling. It also wasn’t too sweet, and would be well-suited for those who love cream-filled cakes.

featured image - wild strawberry

As a strawberry fan, the Wild Strawberry (S$7.90) cake, made with strawberry puree and white chocolate, was another creation that caught my eye. Cutting into this uniquely shaped swirly dome revealed layers of sweet cake and thick cream, with the strawberry puree providing a noticeable tang to the whole dessert.

featured image - praline

My favourite of Soul Coffee’s dome cakes was the Praline (S$7.90) cake, filled with chocolate cream, chocolate cake and coated in chocolate glaze. The chocolatey flavours satisfied my sweet tooth, with the lighter flavours of the cream pairing well with the rich chocolate glaze. There were even crunchy chocolate balls within, giving the cake an added textural boost.

featured image - apple & citrus

Looking for a more refreshing cake? The Apple & Citrus (S$7.90) cake, made with lemon curd and apple filling, was fruity and bright in flavour. It nicely balanced sweet and sour flavours, and was certainly impressive in terms of its appearance.

soul coffee - reading room

Soul Coffee’s horoscope and tarot theme was something that fascinated me strongly. All diners were entitled to select a free tarot card at the cashier, with a complimentary reading and explanation on the meaning of their selected card. Diners also had the choice to further explore their futures by trying Soul Coffee’s Crystal Aura Reading or Tarot Reading services.

We opted to try the Crystal Aura Reading, which would give us a general forecast of the next 3 months. The session, which cost S$35 per pax, included a cake and a beverage. You can also opt to top up S$3 to upgrade your beverage to one of Soul Coffee’s Horoscope Beverages.

We were led to a secret room hidden behind a wall in the cafe, which housed a quaint reading room furnished with crystals, statues and more.

soul coffee - crystal aura reading

The session went like this: I was allowed to ask a question and was given a reading pertaining to the next 3 months of my life. First, I held the bag of crystals in my hand and channeled my energy into it, as instructed, then proceeded to draw 12 crystals out of the bag one by one without looking, placing them on the fortune mat.

My reading session lasted around 12 minutes, while my companion’s lasted a little longer, at around 18 minutes. Each of us received personal advice pertaining to our questions, and I was surprised at how the reader took the time to explain our fortunes to us without rushing the session. It was my first time ever trying crystal aura reading, which I thought to be an interesting experience that largely made me more conscious of my personal decisions and thoughts.

Final thoughts

soul coffee - dishes

Soul Coffee is a cafe that is like no other. As someone who loves the relaxing ambience of aquariums, Soul Coffee’s immersive sea-themed projections instilled a sense of calm in me, and I loved their assortment of reasonably-priced cakes.

Getting to try a crystal aura reading for the first time was also exciting, and though the S$35 price tag seems intimidating at first glance, I found it to be quite worth it given how the price includes a cake and a drink (which would otherwise cost up to approximately S$20 alone). The experience of having my luck read was also fascinating!

I will definitely return to enjoy Soul Coffee’s services and ambience again in the future. With its stunning interior decorations and projections, quality drinks and desserts, and unique tarot and crystal aura reading services, Soul Coffee is a cafe in Singapore that I don’t think I’d ever forget.

Expected damage: S$6.90 – S$80 per pax

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Soul Coffee

11 Tanjong Katong Road, KINEX, #02-16 , Singapore 437157

Our Rating 4/5

Soul Coffee

11 Tanjong Katong Road, KINEX, #02-16 , Singapore 437157

Telephone: +65 9876 7257
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 9876 7257

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon
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